A little more Yosemite September 2014

I finally had a chance to go through a few more of the Yosemite pictures from last month. I can’t believe it has already been a month ago. I went through and processed a few of the 2014-09-Yosemite-252-HDRpanorama photos and HDR photos that I made. Some are fun, others are nonsense. I also went through the pictures of the day Josh and I went to see the big trees on our own. Giant sequoia trees, and they are giant. Pictures do them zero justice. We hiked up to a point that is only a mile from the museum and could tell that nobody goes up there. It was an amazing vista point, but since there was no road to drive up there, I doubt it gets many
visits. That was a fun day in Wawona that started out hectic and full of uncertainty. It definitely worked out for the best. Later we were able to find a spot and watch the sun set on Half Dome. People queue up and wait for hours to get the perfect picture of the “golden light” on Half Dome. Josh and I fell ass-backwards into a spot in a meadow and watched from there, with nobody else around. Josh was able to watch some of the football game by Peeping Tom’ing through a stranger’s window. My pictures are not the storybook pictures of Half Dome, but I’ll take it for my personal collection. I still think the best pictures are yet to come. I haven’t even gotten to the days with the amazing skies and mirrored lakes. Some of the newest pictures are HEREwww.jimmysellers.com/pictures/thumbnails.php?album=105 2014-09-Yosemite-427-HDR

Step into the freezer

2014-05-25-Beach-Sunset-Selbyville-46-HDRThe best part of a sunset is the promise of a sunrise to come. It is exactly the same as a Tweezer. The best thing about a Tweezer is the promise of a Tweezer Reprise in the near future. With a few days on my hands and no curfews, I stayed out late and got up early hoping to practice my photography. Last night’s sunset was fantastic. I did not find anywhere spectacular to go, but I think I made the best of what I found.

2014-05-26-Sunrise-Bayside-23This morning Charlie the Dog and I got up early and went straight to the edge of the bay to watch the sunrise. Again, it was nothing mind-blowing, the sky was boring and added no drama for photos. Just being out there with him, all alone in the quiet was a lovely experience. A little bonding time with my best buddy. A few of last night and this mornings pictures are, you guessed it, HERE.

What’s in a name? Who pays attention to that shit?

I spent about an hour last night driving around looking for someplace to try and watch the sunset. It is Memorial Day weekend at the beach shore, so this place is all of a sudden a 2014-05-24-Beach-Sunset-27madhouse. I was not happy with anywhere I found along the water. I found one spot that looked like it would be nice, and then all of a sudden the sky changed and there was going to be no beautiful sunset because of wind and clouds. I gave up, but made one more turn down a canal street into another neighborhood. According to the GPS machine this road definitely dead ended at the bay, and also seemed off the beaten path, so not a bunch of tourists. We got there and voila, it was beautiful and not a person around. It was a weird place to end up. Once I parked I noticed the street name was Sunset Cove Road, who would have thought that a good place to go to watch the sunset?!? There was a giant clearing between a couple houses to make my way to the waters edge. I missed the sunset, but the sky decided to still get beautiful after the sunset, post sunset is sometimes better than the setting sun. I listened to the birds and water and watched the sky for about an hour. Very peaceful, and a reminder of why it’s good to still be alive. A few pictures HERE.