Nature is amazing!

A Mexican friend of Wifey’s took this video the other night. It contains so many of our favorite things…under water, snakes, murder, and Ramones. I do miss scuba diving and knowing that I am missing out on things like this. But I also know that I am not going to have my face eaten off by an under water dinosaur monster.

Nature and everything about it so amazing. Us humans are so completely insignificant in the big scheme of things. And we are so pompous to think we could ever have even an ounce of impact on nature or this giant rock hurtling through space that happens to be the rock appropriately distanced from the Sun and source of energy, life, and light. I heard it said once and I agree, when the earth is done with us humans it will shake us off like a case of fleas.

If WC2012 was missing anything, now I know what that thing is

I never imagined I would be saying something like this, but I just recently figured out what was missing from my amazing, whirlwind Winter Carnival tour. It has occurred to me a couple months too late, but the one missing piece was geocaching. I had heard about this several times over the years and each time I made a mental note to look into it. It seemed like something exactly perfect for, and designed for me. Now that I have finally taken the time to look into geocaching, the greatest opportunity for enjoying it is still visible in my mental rear view mirror. Dammit.

Geocaching is completely nerdy and ridiculous for any adult person with real life responsibilities or problems to take part in…again, perfect for me. It is a worldwide, high tech, space age, treasure hunt/scavenger hunt done with the assistance of GPS coordinates. It is exactly something that could have set The Winter Carnival apart from anything else I have ever done. Wait, that even felt stupid typing. It would have been great this past winter though.

I finally started riding the bike for this season recently. Biking and geocaching seem to go hand in hand. I have been having a great time and it is just another excuse I need to get out there, do something, and see things. I can’t wait until the time when Wifey’s life allows her to participate with me.