Fair Hill never stops amazing me

Mountain bike riding and Geocaching have been the tools I used most to get me through the past 2 months of bar exam preparation. If it was not for these activities I am not sure where I would be. I’d probably be a murder victim at the hands of Wifey. Studying and exam taking are officially over for her. She feels like she did pretty well, now we just wait until October for the results. I have nothing but confidence she did fine and will soon be brining in the big money. I have never been more proud of another person I have known. As stressful as it has been, I’m just glad I had my activities to keep me out of her hair.

One thing I am a bit disappointed about is that I found these 2 fun activities in the twilight of my life. I have now spent countless hours riding on the Fair Hill trail system and I am sure I still haven’t seem most of what is out there. Every time I think I get somewhere that I recognize I am lost again. There are so many ruins in the middle of nowhere. Buildings that once were and animal bones that once lived. Each ride and hike I am in constant amazement of the scenery and surroundings. I can’t believe this is in my back yard and still only a recent discovery for me.

I bought a handlebar camera mount for my video camera. It got used today for the first time. I’ll have to fine tune it and figure it out, so far it only produced worse than Blair Witch shaky cam videos. If I figure it out the good news is that I can produce more horribly boring first person videos.

Hopefully I may soon have some Geocache finds in other countries and two other continents. I put a lot of the pictures I have taken of the things I have seen riding and hiking HERE