Cache Across Maryland 2014 (CAM) Day 1 – Western Maryland

Muddy Creek Falls HDR

Muddy Creek Falls HDR

2014-03-22-CAM-2014-Day-1-98Yesterday was the kick off day to Cache Across Maryland 2014 (CAM). Some pics HERE. An extremely exhausting and fun event that lasts the next 6 weeks. 10 hidden secret treasures spread all across Maryland, each and every corner. Find all 10 and claim your prize…congrats you are a giant loser nerd with nothing to get you out of the basement except driving hours on end to sign a piece of paper and find the secret code. The code is never anything as fun as “Drink more Ovaltine”. Other reasons to CAM are to get outdoors, exercise, see beautiful parts of my state I might not have known existed, spend time with my best buddy Charlie the Dog, show Josh my butthole, enjoy some good food, and bump into other caching nerds along the way. Not as horrible as I make it sound. I did this last year (here & here), and it was a great decision.


Josh on the edge

Yesterday we started in Swallow Falls Park all the way west in Maryland. Josh’s favorite place in Maryland, and it is easy to see why. We had a blast there. After that we drove steadily east throughout the day until back home. Yesterday afternoon I spent time on the Appalachian Trail for the first time. I loved the idea of just being on that trail, even if only for a few hours. The entire day was a success. Each success started out failing, sometimes several fails, but ultimately we came away with a win for everything. Hopefully day 2 of CAM will be sometime soon.

Some great pics HERE of yesterday’s adventures


Old friends, how I’ve missed you

It feels like an eternity since Charlie the Dog and I have been outside to do anything fun, this includes geocaching. Sunday was a perfect day for him and I to reunite our favorite pastimes, walking in the woods, and looking for hidden treasures. Still some snow on the ground made for excellent conditions and picture taking opportunities.

The weather and work have been so batshit crazy lately that I have had almost no free time to take my best friend out to play. Thankfully he does not hold it against me. We loaded up the car early in the morning and set the GPS machine for adventure. I know, that’s fucking lame, but true. We went to a local reserve and didn’t see another person all day. We wandered, he ran and jumped, we found stupid shit hidden in the woods, and had a fantastic day. I didn’t realize how long it had been. Being out there with Charlie was as close to a meditative state as I will ever find. Calmness, nothing hectic or rushed, no deadlines, no emergencies, overall quietness. So happy to finally have gotten out and done something active, outside, and with Charlie. I took a lot of pics, HERE are just a few.


Charlie can’t keep his feet on the ground

Luckiest boy in the world strikes again

Us with Penn & Teller

Us with Penn & Teller

Last weekend Wifey and I had the absolute honor and privilege to be treated like royalty at the Penn & Teller show in Vegas. We got to go backstage before and after the show, meet all the key players, hang out and chat, eat some food, and also watch the show from some of the best seats in the house. The cherry on top of it all was a private magic lesson before the show with the legendary Johnny Thompson. He marveled us with a few slight of hand tricks, a few card tricks, and stories of his lifetime in magic. Definitely a top 5 life experience for me. The entire experience made the 10 year old Jimmy inside me giddy for days. With this magic lesson under my belt, look for a bookings sections on my website soon. I’ll be doing children’s parties, bar mitzvahs, funerals, divorce parties, or any fun occasion that you need an entertainer.

A completely unexpected treat for the night was when I got to video Teller doing a coin trick, with an ACTUAL bitcoin for an internet scavenger hunt that Emily Jillette (Penn’s wife) was participating. On top of now being a world-renowned magician, I am also a top tier filmmaker and director. My skill set nearly doubled last weekend. Thank you to anyone that had anything to do with me being able to enjoy this special night. Mainly Wifey for indulging me in my utter and complete nonsense.

Here is the video that I made, hopefully The Academy will recognize this in the documentary category next year.