Some days it is hard to be me

The luckiest boy in the world strikes again. Last weekend I won a hot air balloon ride at a 2015-03-21-CAM-2015-geocaching-Western-MD-19charity event. Fresh off that victory, yesterday was the picnic to celebrate the end of CAM 2015, cache across Maryland. Like the last few years it was more fun than should be legally allowed. Driving hundreds of miles over 4 days just to walk in the woods, make fun of my friends, hang out with Charlie the Dog, and write my name on hidden pieces of paper. There is a photo contest each year at the picnic. Last year I did fairly well in the photo contest, even came in first in a category. I decided 2015-04-25-CAM2015-day-4-59that was my cue to go pro, and upgrade my equipment. Yesterday I took 1st in two categories, and 2nd in a third category. I could not believe it. What a fun thing to have happen to me. Fun things rarely happen to me…sike. That makes me an award-winning photographer 2 years in row. That is definitely making it to my resume. If you are reading this (doubtful) I am available for hire.


IMG_4090      PastedGraphic-2


The time has come, I’m going pro

ribbonsI am going to work tomorrow and put in my resignation. The work-a-day routine is for suckers, I’m going to be a professional photographer. Yesterday I placed first in a category and second in another category of a photo contest at the CAM 2014 pic-a-nic. I would not have even entered any photos if it was not for the encouragement and harassment of my loving family and friends. They all saw potential genius where I did not. It probably helped that I taped a $10 bill to the back of each of my photos, the judges must have loved that. National Geographic, if you are reading this, I am currently taking offers and will accept a job for the highest bidder. I cannot get over how tickled these silly ribbons are making me feel.


Geocaching CAM 2014 complete!

It took 3 full days, but we are done! Another amazing day geocaching with Josh and Charlie the Dog. Went south to Joppa, then across the big bridge to the eastern shore of Maryland. Wye Island, and then onto Kent County. Had a blast all day, and got some of my favorite pictures while geocaching yet! Those pictures are HERE.

I drew blood to get this photo

I drew blood to get this photo

Josh ready to change the world

Josh ready to change the world

Cache Across Maryland 2014 (CAM) Day 1 – Western Maryland

Muddy Creek Falls HDR

Muddy Creek Falls HDR

2014-03-22-CAM-2014-Day-1-98Yesterday was the kick off day to Cache Across Maryland 2014 (CAM). Some pics HERE. An extremely exhausting and fun event that lasts the next 6 weeks. 10 hidden secret treasures spread all across Maryland, each and every corner. Find all 10 and claim your prize…congrats you are a giant loser nerd with nothing to get you out of the basement except driving hours on end to sign a piece of paper and find the secret code. The code is never anything as fun as “Drink more Ovaltine”. Other reasons to CAM are to get outdoors, exercise, see beautiful parts of my state I might not have known existed, spend time with my best buddy Charlie the Dog, show Josh my butthole, enjoy some good food, and bump into other caching nerds along the way. Not as horrible as I make it sound. I did this last year (here & here), and it was a great decision.


Josh on the edge

Yesterday we started in Swallow Falls Park all the way west in Maryland. Josh’s favorite place in Maryland, and it is easy to see why. We had a blast there. After that we drove steadily east throughout the day until back home. Yesterday afternoon I spent time on the Appalachian Trail for the first time. I loved the idea of just being on that trail, even if only for a few hours. The entire day was a success. Each success started out failing, sometimes several fails, but ultimately we came away with a win for everything. Hopefully day 2 of CAM will be sometime soon.

Some great pics HERE of yesterday’s adventures