What is more adorable than this?

I wager to say nothing is more adorable than this little ski bunny. Wifey is another person that has a fairly boring style. She just goes down the hill at her own pace. Never falls, never knocks anyone down, never embarrasses herself, simply enjoys the cool wind in her hair and the visions of bliss. One of these days I’ll get her up in a helicopter.

Heli-skiing video Revelstoke, British Columbia

I finally got around to putting my videos together from the day of heli-skiing in Revelstoke, British Columbia. I am actually fairly happy with how this turned out. I am sure it is still ultra boring to anyone that is not me, or Wifey pretending to be interested because the law says it is her duty. I like it, and I am sure it stinks on YouTube. On 60 inches of 1080p high-def television it looks pretty amazing. If anyone does actually watch this, at least watch it in full screen in the higher quality. Or ask me to mail you a DVD.

Fun with Facial Hair Week is over

Congrats to my dear friend Bradford for making more people! Thursday he and his wife brought another beautiful baby girl republican into the world. I am extremely happy for their little middle of the country family.

I am clean-shaven, and apparently Wifey is happy. I asked her to look away because I’m hideous. It was fun while it lasted. I noticed that bearded and mustachioed people treat each other differently, like some kind of secret club. I thank those for having me in their club while they did. I didn’t get to learn the handshake, but I am sure it was something extremely manly. This definitively marks the end to the Carnival.

Time lapse possibly to come…apparently I am a narcissist, or something that sounds like that.

I can’t stop being Cowboy Jimmy

You can take the cowboy out of the mountains, but you can’t take the mountains out of the cowboy. Apparently no matter how hard I try I just can’t stay away from the mountain-man activities. I had to saddle up yesterday and come to the rescue of Wife. She was stranded in the woods with 2 horsies and only 1 rider, which is where I come in. I jumped on and rode back to the barn. It was so powerful that it forced the sun to set at 1pm just so I could be riding off into the sunset. After that I performed my first act as a dying cowboy, started whittling away at my beard.