Snowboard geocaching, nothing better!

Combine my 2 favorite activities, and the luckiest boy in the world ends up having more fun than shooting at a barrel of monkeys. There are a few geocaches on Telluride Mountain that are meant for non-winter months. I found that to be a challenge and I accepted. At one point I waded through neck deep snow and created an actual igloo for myself searching for a dumb piece of Tupperware in the woods. I could not have had more fun. Trips over, time to go home now.

Ute park rooster My igloo

Unusual view of Telluride Ski slopes

Mountain Man JimmyI usually do not see ski slopes from this view. But once again, thanks to Geocaching, I found myself in an unusual place, with an amazing view. 600 vertical feet in ¼ mile is a tough climb!

I also saw this amazing store while wandering around town. Where were these places when I was younger! Dammit!

Grass Store

Geocaching in the Great Northwest, Oregon & Washington

In the short time I have been geocaching it has provided my family and friends with some 2014-07-Oregon-Washington-July-2014-283amazing adventures. Mostly it brings me to places I would have never been otherwise. Seeing sights and views that I would not have found, or dared travel to without searching for a hidden container. Our trip to Oregon and Washington was no different. I was able to hike to and find some of the oldest geocaches still active, original hides made in the year 2000 (cue song). Thanks again geocaching. HERE are some of the pictures and views because of geocaching.


A beautiful day in the neighborhood

It was a busy day. Now I am typing on a phone. This sucks, I remember why I don’t use these often. Today was great. First full day on the island. It has the best of everything outdoors. This morning we went on on a several mile hike to the peak of turtleback mountain. Beautiful 360 degree views. Obviously we found some geocaches along the way. After that we went kayaking to a cove that is only accessible by “human powered watercraft”. Essentially canoe or kayak. It was amazingly gorgeous and serene. Only regret is not having a camera, but it felt unsafe. In hindsight I should have brought it in a dry bag. I would have hated to loose the equivalent of a compact car in a sea-mishap. We might go back there.
Sushi for dinner and now hammock in the breeze. I got a free sushi roll because a coked out surfer loved my current response to “how you doing?” The truth is that it doesn’t get any better than being me.
We also realized today that the current topic of conversation for young couples meeting each other is morphing. No longer is it “where did you meet”, “where you from”, “where did you go to school”…It is now “what site did you meet on?” seems to be winning, yuk.


Slacktivism at it’s finest

I had plans to go for a nice hike on Sunday with my pals Josh and Cinnamon (still not a peeler). The general consensus was that Charlie the Dog should come, after all it was 2014-06-22-Free-Charlie-Sunday-5hiking, climbing mountains, not going to be too hot, maybe we should bring him. Wifey had put her foot down that Charlie’s season was over. I could not do much to argue that fact…but decided to argue anyway. We were going to be in the woods, in the shade, he could get in the water anytime he wanted, the weather was going to be cool for the end of June. I had excuse after excuse, but I don’t think Wifey was budging, justifiably so. The most amazing thing happened, the Internet became aware of the situation and people from all around the globe 2014-06-22-Free-Charlie-Sunday-2united in support of Charlie the Dog. It was amazing, the response was overwhelming. So much so that Wifey had to buckle under the pressure of all the eyes around the world tuned in to her decision. She both has all my respect for allowing Charlie out to play, and none of my respect for crumbling like a stale cracker (meant in both the snack treat and racist way).

It goes without saying that we had a great time, found a handful of geocaches, laughed, did some shirtless wrestling and tackling, and almost died of dehydration. To sum up, another amazing day to be alive and be me. HERE are a few pictures from the hiking trip and the Slacktivism campaign that took over the world this weekend.


I’m on a roll, 2 weekends, 2 wins

We are the Champions

We are the Champions

First, last weekend I win a photo contest, then this weekend I am part of a team that wins a scavenger hunt! Yesterday we teamed up with some seasoned veteran scavengers, as well as the reigning champions. The pressure was high for Wifey and I. We knew they wanted to retain their strap and had looked to us to help make that happen. last year Ryan and Cinnamon (not a peeler) won with a team of 6, this year it was a team of 4 with 2 rookies. All I did was drive, Wifey and the Rastafarian Dinosaurs did all the heavy lifting. I was simply along for navigating, team cheerleading, and comic relief. Very few curbs and mailboxes suffered. A few shopkeepers and random pedestrians also got caught in the crossfire, but nobody was seriously injured. Maybe one guy needs a chiropractic adjustment. We had a blast, it was a ton of fun. The gift bag was overly generous as well. Thanks again to geocaching for a life experience I would have missed.


Prewinning Winners

The time has come, I’m going pro

ribbonsI am going to work tomorrow and put in my resignation. The work-a-day routine is for suckers, I’m going to be a professional photographer. Yesterday I placed first in a category and second in another category of a photo contest at the CAM 2014 pic-a-nic. I would not have even entered any photos if it was not for the encouragement and harassment of my loving family and friends. They all saw potential genius where I did not. It probably helped that I taped a $10 bill to the back of each of my photos, the judges must have loved that. National Geographic, if you are reading this, I am currently taking offers and will accept a job for the highest bidder. I cannot get over how tickled these silly ribbons are making me feel.


Geocaching CAM 2014 complete!

It took 3 full days, but we are done! Another amazing day geocaching with Josh and Charlie the Dog. Went south to Joppa, then across the big bridge to the eastern shore of Maryland. Wye Island, and then onto Kent County. Had a blast all day, and got some of my favorite pictures while geocaching yet! Those pictures are HERE.

I drew blood to get this photo

I drew blood to get this photo

Josh ready to change the world

Josh ready to change the world

Cache Across Maryland 2014 (CAM) Day 1 – Western Maryland

Muddy Creek Falls HDR

Muddy Creek Falls HDR

2014-03-22-CAM-2014-Day-1-98Yesterday was the kick off day to Cache Across Maryland 2014 (CAM). Some pics HERE. An extremely exhausting and fun event that lasts the next 6 weeks. 10 hidden secret treasures spread all across Maryland, each and every corner. Find all 10 and claim your prize…congrats you are a giant loser nerd with nothing to get you out of the basement except driving hours on end to sign a piece of paper and find the secret code. The code is never anything as fun as “Drink more Ovaltine”. Other reasons to CAM are to get outdoors, exercise, see beautiful parts of my state I might not have known existed, spend time with my best buddy Charlie the Dog, show Josh my butthole, enjoy some good food, and bump into other caching nerds along the way. Not as horrible as I make it sound. I did this last year (here & here), and it was a great decision.


Josh on the edge

Yesterday we started in Swallow Falls Park all the way west in Maryland. Josh’s favorite place in Maryland, and it is easy to see why. We had a blast there. After that we drove steadily east throughout the day until back home. Yesterday afternoon I spent time on the Appalachian Trail for the first time. I loved the idea of just being on that trail, even if only for a few hours. The entire day was a success. Each success started out failing, sometimes several fails, but ultimately we came away with a win for everything. Hopefully day 2 of CAM will be sometime soon.

Some great pics HERE of yesterday’s adventures


Old friends, how I’ve missed you

It feels like an eternity since Charlie the Dog and I have been outside to do anything fun, this includes geocaching. Sunday was a perfect day for him and I to reunite our favorite pastimes, walking in the woods, and looking for hidden treasures. Still some snow on the ground made for excellent conditions and picture taking opportunities.

The weather and work have been so batshit crazy lately that I have had almost no free time to take my best friend out to play. Thankfully he does not hold it against me. We loaded up the car early in the morning and set the GPS machine for adventure. I know, that’s fucking lame, but true. We went to a local reserve and didn’t see another person all day. We wandered, he ran and jumped, we found stupid shit hidden in the woods, and had a fantastic day. I didn’t realize how long it had been. Being out there with Charlie was as close to a meditative state as I will ever find. Calmness, nothing hectic or rushed, no deadlines, no emergencies, overall quietness. So happy to finally have gotten out and done something active, outside, and with Charlie. I took a lot of pics, HERE are just a few.


Charlie can’t keep his feet on the ground