OBX, the hype is right

HERE is a link to a bunch of pictures I took in the OBX, mainly sunrise and sunset.

I had to get in 1 last adventure in the AdventureVan before undergoing a procedure back in November. You never know. I had no plans on where to go or what to do. I knew I wanted to take pictures, play frisbee golf, and find some geocaches. I always hear people talking about the Outer Banks. For as close as it is to me, I don’t think I have ever been through. So I packed up the campervan and away I went. I started down through the Delaware and Maryland beaches. Old stomping grounds for me. I usually take a day each winter and clear out new geocaches in the OCMD beach area. After that I made my way the rest of the drive to Kitty Hawk. I had no plans. So I took some pictures of the full moon and clouds, I ate my favorite Pad Thai boil in bag, and I slept.

Day 2 running amuck in the Outer Banks. It started early with sunrise pictures on the beach near the rest area I slept. I ran into a nice couple also taking pictures of the sunrise. We got to chatting, and they were also driving aimlessly in a van. After that I drove all the way north to Corolla, where the blacktop ends. I then went to the park, parked, and proceeded to walk a few miles around Duck finding geocaches both art related, and fart related. I believe I found everything I looked for, except one. From there I visited the Flying Brothers park for the adventure lab, and personal growth. Then a fantastic round of frisbees in Kitty Hawk. A couple old local burnouts let me join them, so I didn’t have to play alone. It was a blast. I stayed at the park through sunset. I sat out at the end of the land near the 14th hole. I got some unreal sunset pictures. Then I had dinner at Tortugas, best restaurant dinner I have had in years. Larry Bird works in the kitchen, fun fact.

Day three in the Outer Banks running amok. The other morning while taking sunrise pictures a nice lady I met told me that you can drive the entire length of the barrier islands using fairies. I was determined to see if I can do that. Before I left the Kitty Hawk area I had to get in one more round of frisbees at that awesome course. I was done that early and on the road. I stopped for a whole lot of geocaches along the way. This route 12 drive is so many things. Gorgeous, amazing, unbelievable how it’s even here?
I never would have believed there were so many skateboard parks in the Outer Banks.
I drove my way to the bottom, and got on the last ferry for the day to Ocracoke. I found out while on the ferry, I am trapped on this island for the night. OK, no big deal. I can be stranded on an island overnight. I arranged for a 7:30 ferry back to the mainland.

I had a long drive home to Maryland on my last day, after waking up on Ocracoke island. I already can’t wait to be back in OBX!


Click here for an album of some fun pictures I took!

Catskills New York with a Dog in a Van=Perfection

In October 2021 I took my best girlfriend and my new Storyteller Overland Van to the Catskills in New York. Emmy Lou the Puppy was such a trooper. I hope she had a nice time, and wish she had a way to tell me. We set off from home with plans to take sunrise pictures at Overlook Mountain near Woodstock, New York. From there we went further north, and into southern Vermont. We stopped for a  lot of fun geocaches along the way, and played frisbee golf in another new state. If ever there has been a success story, this is it. I took some pictures of sunrises, pictures of our visit to the land of Oz (yes, from the Wizard of Oz), and Emmy Lou being extra pretty.
Interested? Those pictures are HERE.

Alaskan Frisbee Meese

I was recently in Alaska for a trip that got canceled while I was traveling to Alaska. Bad timing. That left me with some days to run amuck in Alaska with no one to answer to, and nowhere specific to be. Of course, I wanted to play frisbees in Alaska. I headed to Kincaid Park on the edge of Anchorage, and apparently the edge of Planet Earth. I got a few holes in and I threw a perfect toss off the tee. My initial reaction was fantastic. Right where I wanted it to be. I get close to where my frisbee and the basket are, and I see another frisbee right next to mine, someone left one out in the open. It would not have been hard to find, it appeared almost…abandoned there. Left behind for no reason, or maybe there was a gigantic reason. The first thing I thought of are those homes that people walked out of in gold mining towns. Perfectly working homes and communities, walked away from. A perfectly good throw, a kick in birdie, and someone just “walks away” ?

All of this happened in a second in my mind. The next second I glanced further along my walking path and past the frisbee basket. There was a giant moose laying there paying no attention to me at all. I was within 20-30 feet of this moose before I realized it was there. He watched me walk toward him the entire time. It appears that moose would have had the upper hand, if it came to a fight.

I knew I was not going to get my frisbee in that moment, I was hopeful to get it later in the day, when a moose was not laying on top of it.

My instincts on what to do next kicked in. I walked all the way back to the car, got my photography gear, and returned to the scene. It was about a 20-minute stroll, the moose did not move a muscle. I was able to take some pictures from all angles. From one angle, I noticed a second moose, almost as close. I would never be that close to a moose on purpose! These Alaskan Meese are sneaky! I again seek safety and finish taking pictures.

I realized how great seeing moose in the wild and taking pictures of them were later that night. I was playing frisbees on the edge of the land, with an airport nearby. I had the opportunity to make a picture of a plane taking off in the background, with a frisbee basket in the foreground, and views of the ocean and mountains in the same scene. That would have gotten me at least 20 instantgram likes from frisbee golfers. I had it all planned out, it was going to be an amazing shot! I saw moose and forgot to do this airplane plan, altogether.

Worth it.

All the Alaskan pictures are HERE if you want.