Getting out of Vegas, and back to the wild

Day 25:
6400 miles and counting. Woohoo! Today is the day I get to scram out of Las Vegas. My pretty girl is all fixed up, and ready to get back on the road. She just needed a rest, like every beautiful lady, she needed time at the spa. After a fresh bath a bunch of new bolts, some new sway bars, and a whole lot of TLC, Pervvie is back on the road and ready for adventure. It felt so good getting into her after a few days absence.
On the way out of town I did a few miscellaneous Geocaching things, and a trip to the food market to get restocked up. I was hoping to steal some water from somewhere too, but I have plenty for now. I am heading directly north, into the desert. I plan to drive for a couple of oldest hides in Nevada, and some other highly favorited geocaches along the way. I believe my next destination is going to be rattling around Idaho. But so far, my plans only work out 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time I end up doing something way better than I ever planned or imagined.

I drove all over, all through, and all around all of these power trails out here in the middle of nowhere. I stopped for more than I thought I would. But still very little. Just the high favorite ones, and the older ones. If I had the willingness, I could’ve had a find count of 20,000 higher than I do now. But that just doesn’t seem like having a fun. The fun for me is just driving around in the desert, getting lost in my own thoughts…not pretending I’m a mailman.
I found all the main ones that I wanted, and some others. Basically, where I stopped to pee, take pictures, sometimes both of those things.
Time to head north for the oldest one. I was in a big conundrum. The van said it has 90 miles left of fuel. I was 30 miles one way from the main road, and 30 miles from the town of Tonopah. I had to drive all the way from Golden Arrow, to Tonopah, turn around come all the way back, go to the old one north, turn around and back through Tonopah. Poor fuel planning.
As I turned left off of the main road to go north on a dirt road, I noticed “I want to kill you” weather, in the distance. Behind me was the most beautiful bluebird skies you could ever imagine. However directly in front of me was the most terrifying, menacing sky I’ve seen yet on this trip. Oh well, that’s the way I must go.
Thank you so much for bringing me to the location of Nevada’s oldest geocache. I was treated to a spectacular show of storms and skies and clouds and then ultimately rainbows. That’s right rainbows with an ‘S’ at the end.
From there I made my way to Ely, found a nice place to rest for the night. Tomorrow is hopefully north to Idaho.

Day 26:
I woke up in Ely, Nevada at a Love’s. 6900 miles and counting.
I am planning to head into Idaho. I got moving this morning not quite as early as I would’ve hoped, but after a few nights absence, I was extra cozy in my mobile home’s bed.
I changed my plans for the 10th time today and a millionth time this trip. I made a detour back through Salt Lake City. I couldn’t spend much time there, because it was during a time when I thought I needed van repairs and was anxious to get that done. I drove and wandered around an empty Salt Lake City on a Sunday. The weather was beautiful, and it was a perfect time to be Geocaching as there was no one else around to see me acting weird.
Having grown up on the East Coast, I will never understand how I am able to drive 3 hours or more, at 80 miles an hour, and not see another human being. Did they build these roads just for me to use?
From there I was going to head to the Golden Spike. It occurred to me I had a few errands, and I was in a major suburban area. So, I stopped off at the Home Depot, the Office Depot, the Auto Depot, and luckily picked a town with some really highly favorited caches and a WebCam. This detour was a lot longer than I had planned on.
After visiting a choo-choo train history spot, I backtracked to the missile exhibit. That was so much more fascinating than I ever expected. I went there for the old virtual and the letter box. I spent about 40 minutes on that letterbox. First, I couldn’t find a sign. So, I did some alternate research and narrowed it down to a couple of options. But then I was messing up on first letter second letter third letter first words 2nd word third word. There was a nice big hint in the combo description by the owner. And I still thought I knew what I was doing. I got about 10 minutes away driving, and it clicked. Turned around went back, got my name on that letterbox too.
So glad something routed me to that spot. I never would’ve made it here on my own.
Now it’s time to finally try and get in Idaho.
I made it to southeastern Idaho before I ran out of day. I was able to find the old one in Southeastern Idaho, but not without issues. For some reason I had notes that said I could drive pretty close to this one. I guess 2 miles round-trip walking is close, but it was probably also a half of a mile uphill. I was running out of daylight. Poor time management, so I had to jog the whole time up the hill and then back down to where I left my van. After that I was officially out of daylight. I found a nearby spot to park and sleep for the night.

Day 27:
7500 miles and counting.
I woke up in Idaho and made my way to the waterfall earthcache. I spent much more time at the waterfall area than I ever imagined. I did a couple of short hikes, and found a bunch of geocaches. I took some pictures and I chatted with some other nice travelers. I met some motorcycle enthusiasts from Australia. They told me they drove their bikes all the way to Idaho. What I thought would be a quick in and out ending up being several hours of my morning. Thank you for that.
After a few miles of jogging and climbing around all these awesome rocks, the park filled up. People were swimming in a little lake/pond/pool area. I was hot and sweaty, and that look like an awesome thing to do. So, I did it. After a refreshing dip in the lake, I went and utilized my indoor shower. It’s a real special occasion when I use that thing.
On the way out of town I had a final of the Wherigo. I realized how I had to get there and said, damn, I just took a shower. So, I walk extra slow and tried to stay nice and zestfully clean.
My second stop for the day was out at Bruneau Canyon. Even thought it was early in the day, I knew it was where I wanted to stay the night. The possibility of amazing night skies were high at this location. If they skies stayed clear. I have my sights set on the Cache Across America Utah version, and I believe there is also a virtual there. I had a couple hour drive. I had hoped to get there, long before sunset, and set up camp. Everything worked out perfectly. I had hours to kill before photographing the sunset and night sky. There was telephone service, and I was shocked. I was able to use that and catch up on work. I put Pervvie into Work MODE!

Day 28:
7700 miles and counting.
Last night I simply stayed where I landed around mid-day, at Bruneau Canyon. I had the entire place to myself from about 4PM on. I had some telephone service, so I spent a few hours catching up on real life work. I was basically just killing time waiting for the sun to scram. The skies were perfectly clear, and I was treated to a spectacular show of the moonlight rising and lighting up the canyon inch by inch. I got some great photographs of the Milky Way before the moon entered the show. And then some super fun shots of the canyon illuminated only by moonlight.
Now it’s time for me to head towards Boise, and then ultimately all the way north in Idaho. I have a few checklist items on my agenda, but I’m also open to getting into anything fun.
As I was driving away from the canyon on my way to Boise, I noticed a couple of power trails. Yikes, I don’t have time for that. But I noticed there was a whole bunch that were challenges. I made time for some of the more interesting ones that I knew I should qualify for.
I made it into Boise to check off a few specific tasks. While I was there a few other things distracted me. I also refueled Pervvie, and restocked the refrigerator. Yes, that does include a box of Cinnabon‘s. I wasn’t there long, but I knew I had plenty of city already. It was time to start heading north and get back away from people and things. My destination was GC 26 and 27. Two very old geocaches, as evidenced by their GC codes. It would be nightfall before I got there. So, my hope is to get all the way there, and have that be what I do first thing in the morning. An absolutely gorgeous drive to start out with. Meandering, twisting back-and-forth following the river that was rushing at me. I didn’t get all the way there, so I found a nice place to park and sleep along the river, during the homestretch of my drive to GC26 and 27.

I did start an album of this trip that I am updating as I process. HERE.

Broke Down in Las Vegas

Day 22:
6200 miles and counting.
I woke up on Wednesday morning and decided to just get myself to Las Vegas. I have some things to attend to there, and Pervvie needs her tune up as well. I did some real damage to her undercarriage that needs addressing.
I didn’t realize it, but my drive was either through or circumnavigating the Grand Canyon. A nice, unexpected treat.
This part of the world is so confusing when it comes to times. I bet there are a lot of missed appointments. I live in an area where three states come together, and I am in all three of those states almost every day of my life. But thankfully it is the same time zone throughout.
I got safely into Vegas, took Pervvie to the Blue Beacon truck wash (she loved her spa day), then got myself situated at a hotel for a few days. She goes to the mechanic tomorrow to hopefully find and repair whatever is wrong. Before all that I took the time to stop at a couple virtuals in town I had not done before. At some point I will be venturing out for the CAA, and the oldest in Nevada. But that date is not determined. All I know for sure is that I am going to see Penn & Teller tomorrow night!! How much better can this trip get?!? A Magical Sabbatical in the middle of my Wild West Road Trip!

Day 23:
I had no idea what today was gonna be like when I woke up. I woke up in a big fancy Las Vegas casino. While that has happened before, it is quite the opposite of the past month of my life.
Today was the day I had to drop my poor van, Pervvie, and find out what’s making her sick. I was there the second they open, and out of there within a half hour. Everything went smooth. Next, I had to find somewhere to drop off my laundry for Fluff & Fold, because I’m that kind of fancy guy. I took an Uber, brand new for me, to a nearby rental car company. I need something for the next few days while Pervvie is in sickbay. I asked the rental car gentleman about fluff&fold, he informs me that there’s one right next-door. Once again I was there the minute they open their doors and out in a few minutes. All in all, my morning went about as efficiently as possible, I had a car to drive, and the entire day to myself by 9 AM.
I drove out to the Red Rock Canyon area with my sights set on the Cache Across America Utah version. I did that hike, and found all the other geocaches that distracted me during that walk.
I cooled down for a few minutes, and then relocated the car to go hike for the 2001.
I took quite a bit of major damage from some angry cactuses/cactiii. I did a terrible job avoiding quite a few, and paid the ultimate price of pain and inconvenience.
I did a weird horseshoe shape loop out to the 2001. I also looked for everything else that crossed my path.
After about 8 miles of desert walking, I decided to do some driving, sightseeing, and finding highly favorited geocaches around Las Vegas. I found an old virtual about planes. I found an old virtual about the trains. I drove an automobile.
Later in the day the timing was perfect. I got a call that my fluff and fold was done while I was still out and about driving around town. So, I made my way back to that side of Las Vegas. While there I found a few other nontraditional‘s in that area.
So, the moral of the story is, a day that I have no plans or intentions for that turned into an extremely productive, and very exciting day. I did a few checklists, I saw some funny stuff, I got some exercise, and I made some memories at red rock canyon.
The last thing to do tonight is to go to see the Penn & Teller show. I haven’t seen them since they’ve been back, and I understand their act is entirely new. Very excited!

Day 24:
2nd day in Vegas
Still broke down in Las Vegas.
Penn and Teller last night never disappoint. I can’t believe I’m 84 years old, and magic is still my favorite thing on the planet. It’s the only thing I can see, know exactly how and what they’re doing, and still get goosebumps over the performance, entertainment, and childlike enjoyment it brings me.
I had no plans today. I decided to treat myself to a shave and a haircut after a fine sit-down breakfast. Those are all things I haven’t had in quite a while now. I look like Hulk Hogan, because at my core I have never been anything but a Hulkamaniac.
While I was out around town I decided to find a few nontraditional‘s for various reasons.
If I’m still in town tonight because Pervvie‘s not ready to be back on the road yet, I’ll take in another magic show.
Looks like I am here, and I am going to see Mat Franco.
Mat Franco was amazing! I do not know him at all. I have never watched AGT. He is stellar. I had no expectations. He somehow gave me expectations, then shattered those. So glad I decided to see him.
BUT, great news. She is ready to hit the road again. Tomorrow, Saturday, I will pick up my van, and pick up my road trip along with it. Vegas, it’s been nice. It has been a few years. Glad you are the same thing I remember, and always will be. The next time I come running to you, in need of you to fill a hole inside of me, I know you will be right here. Thanks!

I did start an album of this trip that I hope I will remember to update. HERE.

Not sure why I get to do this, Geocaching by Jetski, Lake Powell Arizona

Today was unquestionably the funnest day of “geocaching” I have had!

Day 21:
I woke up in Page Arizona, not actually realizing where I was. I mean I knew where I was, I got a hotel, paid for it, lay down and went to sleep. But I mean I only came here because of the old geocache nearby, and didn’t realize what a mecca of beauty, uniqueness, and photographic opportunities I was in. I wasn’t even supposed to be here, so didn’t really do any research.
I kicked it around town early in the morning for a bit, finding a few nontraditional’s. Then I was set to meet a guy (turned out to be a gal) at the lake at 9 AM, He (she) was going to give me a JetSki to use for the day.
Last night before I retired for the night I went to the local store for some food. They had what I could only describe as the most local radio station in the world playing. I heard a lady read an announcement, about a lost dog. The poor thing was deaf, almost blind, and not wearing any collar. She then proceeded to give out the owner’s name, address, and phone number in case you saw this dog. While I love this, it is not something I have witnessed since I was a little kid. After that, I heard mention that tomorrow was the first day of school, meaning today. I thought this can’t be right it’s still the beginning of August. At that point, I disregarded the dog situation as crazy shock-jockery. Thought maybe it was a fake radio station. But there’s no question about it, this morning this town is a flurry of activity of people going to school to get smart. I hope that dog got home.
The jet skiing on Lake Powell was insanely unreal!
I may have to retire and not look for any more geocaches after this Labyrinth Canyon. Nothing is ever going to provide such an all-around experience.
After doing my research I decided a JetSki would be the funnest way. I spoke to the wonderful people at Surf Powell Lake and they agreed to let me borrow one of their JetSki‘s for a nominal fee. She showed up when she said she would, launched me, and I was on my way at 9:30 AM. I made it to the “parking” coordinates in about two 2 1/2 hours. I haven’t been on a JetSki in quite a few years. The waters in the slot canyons are very choppy. Constant waves with nowhere for that energy to go. But I also found miles of stretch that was like ice and got it up to 50 miles an hour. I kept laughing and giggling and forgetting that I was on a mission.
I put it in the mud. I sure hope it’s there when I get back. Spoiler, it was.
I made a costume change for my feet, and away I went. 10 minutes and I realized I went the wrong way. I had to backtrack and get on the other side of where the water was dried up in the slot canyon. Then I picked a direction and walk whatever was the path of least resistance. Not terrible, other than a couple of suspect inclines here and there.
Once I was at GZ, I looked for quite a few minutes, getting discouraged. There were two places I wanted it to be. So, I went to the first one because it was easier. From there I spotted the prize I was looking for off in the distance, at about the same height.
The walk back was very eventful. I stopped for pictures lots of times. All total I walked about 3 miles in two hours. I also put on about 65 miles on a JetSki. And I still can’t get the smile off my face.
I went and stole a shower from the campground for seven dollars. Then I went back into town to have Mexican lunch. That was delicious and the protein that I needed for what was next.
I headed to Horseshoe Bend. Quite a mob scene, but breathtaking. A place I’ve wanted to be at and photograph for years. From there I decided to make the walk to the left, to find the other geocache. With about half a mile left to get to the cache I ran out of seeing the selfie takers. That’s fine, all these breathtaking views just for me tonight as the sun is going down.
From here I intended to finish the evening asleep in Zion. A crazy storm ended up coming through just at sunset. I didn’t get much further away from horseshoe Bend, I pulled over and rode the storm out and took pictures of lightning strikes. It was amazing. Not what I wanted to do, but probably better.

I did start an album of this trip that I hope I will remember to update. HERE.

I did also make this short video of a very small amount of my Lake Powell nonsense.

Several very adventurous and off road days in a row

Day 18:

I slept near a pet Cemetery last night. I got moving plenty early in the morning, but it’s hard to get much done when the sun rise is like they are in Utah. One direction is the most beautiful pinks and oranges lighting up the mountains. 180° the other way the sun pokes it’s head up over another set of mountains. I’m trying to get things done, Mother Nature, and I keep having to stop and take pictures. Very inconsiderate.

I did a short trail of letter boxes. I got through them quick, no opposing traffic, perfect weather, and a van with a side door that I could just leave open, getting in and out like a mailman. I found all that I looked for, a couple of them were originals, a couple replacements, and I found a couple completely cracked and destroyed and left behind new film canisters. From here I have the half day trek to get to the Beaver hide.

During that drive I saw people living life the way I grew up. I passed a guy going the other way on a four-wheeler. He had his small daughter in front of him, holding her, letting her steer, and a beer in the other hand. Perfect.

I wish I could have a do-over on today, or at least the 2nd half. I wasted at least five hours trying to get to Beaver. Or I wish I had done some more research ahead of time. I did a lot of due diligence planning for this trip, but I guess I slacked or failed on this one.

First, I ran up one road and hit an absolute dead end with a gate with a lock on it. After that I rerouted and ended up in places that I should not have been. I made it through, probably breaking everything about Pervvie, poor girl. And then I had to spend an hour just getting back to some sort of civilization to reroute. I read some old geocaching logs about route 6 and French Creek. I found that area on Gaia, and off I went. Another 4 hours, man, I really put on a lot of rough, off-road miles today. About 3 times more than required. But Beaver did turn out to be a park and grab. I did finally get to the top, the view was amazing. Truly unbelievable. I was so proud of my Pervvie. I gave her the honors of a photo with the ammunition can.

This is a memory I will never forget. Probably because my butt cheeks will never unclench from this experience.

After I made it back to civilization, I drove to Potters. What a beautiful drive it was. I got there and got settled, planning to spend the night here. I decided to go do a headlamp hike as the sun was setting, take some pictures of the lake, and do the loop for the old hide.

I found everything I looked for except a trail. I’ve done a lot of dumb things on this trip but bushwhacking around in the pitch black for a couple of miles maybe now at the top of that list.


Day 19:

I slept at the old hide, Potter’s last night. I got on the road early, I would’ve liked earlier, but I was extra comfy in my mobile bed this morning. I had about a 2-hour drive where I was going next, a Little Creek Stash.

I came off the mountain, fueled up, got a sandwich, and headed where I was going. As always, I was distracted by other geocaches right in my path.

The first old one this morning was the least dramatic so far. No problem at all, parked close and made a short trek to the find. I didn’t break myself, my van, or anything on this one.

Next was to get the Cache Across America Utah version. I saw where it was and it would be easy, looks like it’s in the middle of a power trail. No time for that, but I did make time to find a bunch of the nontraditional‘s, letterboxes and multis. Geocaching power trails are very popular. They are endless amounts of geocaches along the roadside. People increase their find count by many thousands, even tens of thousands using these power trails. I do not think hell exists, but if it did, I would be forced to do power trails. The secret about hell is that you don’t even know you are there, that is how bad it is. Such an unappealing way to spend the time.

I visited the state house in Fillmore. It was perfect, I needed to re-up on water, and they had a spigot out front. It is as if I needed something, and the universe provided for me. Either that or I just stole water from a municipality.  I found out later I could’ve waited and just stole some water from the graveyard I would have to visit.

Boy, do I love Beaver! Had an amazing run-in with an adorable family at the multi. I was struggling terribly, they noticed a geocacher in distress, and came to save the day! I was hoping they were going to invite me along with them camping, but we ended up parting ways.

Time for Wah Wah next. My notes said no problem. My notes were wrong. I started all wrong by entering from the east side. I spent about 4 hours getting nowhere, dead ends, and unpassable (by us) roads. I finally flagged down an ATV’er, and they set me straight. I ran the main road all the way through the forest, then doubled back to where I was already within 3 miles of, but not good enough. Once here, I had probably 30 minutes wrapped up in the find. The coordinates do take you to a brand-new fence. At least mine did. I had no service, so no access to images. I scoured the obvious area 3 times before spotting it. I was going to be so bummed, but it is there, in the obvious place. And all the names before mine are on the log sheet, no matter where it was located.

I then chose here to spend the night. I wanted a shower, dinner, and to take pictures of the night sky, with the awesome foreground of those broke down shacks across the road from the ammunition can. Those photographs turned out amazing! Glad I stayed here. Did not see another human for over 12 hours at least.

Day 20:

I left where I slept, right at the Wawa Stash, not so early in the morning. My intent was to get somewhere near the Utah/Arizona border. I would spend the day and night there, as I have a bunch of personal and work things I need a hotel to catch up on.

I wasn’t originally going to go try for the old one at Lake Powell.  My plan of what I was going to do has changed 20 times over the last two days. But as of right now the plan is to try to go to Lake Powell. A lot of the morning was focused on just safely getting myself out of the forest. Some of those forest roads are deathly terrifying.

Nontraditionals catch my eye more than anything on this trip. I saw a multi not too far off my road route. So glad I decided to take the time for that one. Quite a lonely cache, had not been found in over 6 years. Awesome little side adventure. My favorite thing about road tripping is finding the weirdest things, like a single site graveyard in the middle of nowhere. I can’t wait to sit down and figure out what that’s all about.

I passed through the town of prehistoric Parowan Utah. I spent time finding a few fun geocaches here. I wish I was passing through during this county fair, I bet it’s awesome. The signs everywhere said it was coming up soon, but not soon enough for me.

I took the scenic route. I passed through and over the town of Brians Head in Utah. I’ve never heard of it before, but it was beautiful.

Today was mostly about driving through southern Utah, the mesas and the views and the amazing colors and formations. I didn’t get much done today recreationally as I was doing my best to get into a hotel quickly, for a conference call, and then catch up on real life work and responsibilities.

I got checked into my hotel in Page, had a pizza, and partially caught up on the real world. Back to nonsense tomorrow. Jet ski nonsense!

I did start an album of this trip that I hope I will remember to update. HERE.

A few more days in my (current) new typical life

Day 15:

I was driving early before the sun, and it did not disappoint. The skies were beautiful as the sun came up over the South Dakota farmlands. Shades of pinks, blues and oranges that I rarely get to see.

I made my way toward Hot Springs with the expectation of finding out what that town was all about. I arrived in Hot Springs about an hour and a half before it opened. So, I spent that time cruising around the town, finding some geocaches and visiting some graveyards. Then I kept heading north and spent a little time in Custer. I found a couple of really fun geocaches in that town, and stocked up on food for both myself and Perrvie. Next stop, heading further north toward Campcache, the oldest geocache in South Dakota.

I spent the entire day and found the two oldest geocaches in South Dakota. I knew I was going to look for one, but didn’t realize the other one until I was nearby. Talk about an adventure that almost didn’t happen.

Holy cow. I think this has springboarded forward it to the greatest Geocaching adventure I have ever had, on all accounts.

I finally got to do some of the off-roading I’ve been wanting to do. Forest roads of South Dakota are treacherous, terrifying and unbelievably fun. After about a two-hour delay by going the wrong way and only traversing about 10 total miles, I finally ended up at the proper location to look for this geocache.

I was kept navigated, safe and alive by my great rock climbing shoes, a new application, Gaia, I put on my telephone, and my amazing adventure van, Perrvie.

At first, I followed the GPS to a Boy Scout camp that was kind of close, but not as close as I could get in Perrvie. So, thanks to the brand new off-road GPS app, I was able to figure it out and route myself, rather than trusting the Apple Overlords.

Rewind, and erase the last hour of driving to get back to where I started, and go the other way. Then I drive about 4 miles in 30 to 40 minutes and arrive at parking. Thankfully parking is within about 300 feet. The last 100 feet is a doozy and straight down through rock crevices. I made my way down no problem I spent about 15 to 20 minutes searching and finally found the ammunition can in question! I sign in, take the obligatory pictures, and realize I must get myself out of here. That was no small feat, but a week’s worth of rock climbing for babies training, and these amazing shoes, and I was up and out of there lickety-split.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have had that adventure, it is one I will never forget.



I love that this old one had parking coordinates listed. I was easily able to navigate there and realized I was only 3/10ths of a mile away. Maybe this wouldn’t take as long as I thought. Or maybe it will take as long as I thought. I just walked in a straight line from where I parked to Ground Zero. If there was a trail up, I never saw it. That last 500 feet was 500 feet that I’m not used to traversing in such a short distance. But I made it up, then realized I had to go all the way up. I thought I saw a nice way up on the right hand side, but am all the way to the left. I checked there before backtracking and ended up wall walking up one of the crevices. It was the perfect width for me to spider man up. I would be able to that easier way down on the other side. Once It was time to go down, I didn’t find that easier way down I thought I saw. So I went back the way I knew I could, and went down like a reverse-spiderman.

From here I wanted to get to the Outlaw Campround in Kaycee Wyoming before sundown. I wanted to camp and take pictures of the night sky there. I visited there last time I was through this area, and regret not spending the night. Now I am in this monster adventure van that can get me to these spots, no problem! I made it there at dusk, and stayed up until the sunrise, taking pictures of the night sky, and the sunrise. Now that I have gone through those pictures, I have some of the best I have made yet.

All total, this could be the greatest uninterrupted, 24 hour period of my life.



Day 16:

Today I started late, only getting a few hours sleep, from sunrise until about 9. Once I woke, I had to pack up my camp and van, break down all my camera equipment, get cleaned up, and get on the road further west.

BUT before I did, I was going to avenge this nearby DNF from last time I was though here. The Hole in the Wall I could not get to. With this amazing 4wd adventure van, nothing was off limits. Boy was I wrong. I got a lot further than I did last time in my 4wd Tahoe, but I had to turn around when I was about 1.5 miles away. In the moment I panicked and was very anxious. I did not want to break my amazing baby, Pervvie. In hindsight I know I should have walked the last 2 miles. It was about 100 degrees, but I could have done 3 miles without issue. I just did not think of it then, I had self, and Pervvie preservation in mind. So alas, strike 2 at this same geocache in Wyoming. I have about 6 hours of my life invested. Maybe one day.

After that it was time to get to the western edge of Wyoming. A not at all quick side trip to Capser to visit a truck wash, and hopefully I will be on my way soon.

Well, I ended up driving away from there. No bath for Pervvie, my home on wheels today.

I drove almost the entire width of Wyoming today. I have no idea how it could feel like I was the only person on earth. Boy, I really love it out here.

I learned a lot about all kinds of different trails. The Postal Pony Trail, The Book of Mormon Trail, the Pioneer Trail, and of course the Oregon Trail Trail. Lots of people used this area for travel cross country. Yeah, duh, I am doing it right now. Of course this is the path they took. It is blacktop all the way. I took pictures of an amazing sunset along the way. I found a few geocaches as well. I stopped about an hour from my next destination, Bridger-Teton. I had hoped because of the title it was closer to the Tetons than it is, never too much of a good thing.


Day 17:

I woke up about an hour drive from Bridger-Teton, the old geocache. First I went over to Big Springs. I came all this way for the old geocache nearby, why not make my way here. Boy, am I glad I did. The find itself was a little difficult. I ended up being glad I had some off-line logs saved, read those, and then bear down to make the find. I also spent at least an hour here between showers taking pictures of the waterfall and spring. It was the perfect time to be here, overcast skies, a light rain, the wildflowers colors were popping. So glad I decided to make this little sidetrack. Thanks for bringing me to this awesome place!

After that, I had to backtrack around a mountain, and go find Bridger-Teton. I slept near a lake about an hour away from here. As soon as I got on the road, the paved road ended. That was fine with me and Perrvie, I came equipped with an adventure van, I can handle anything, I hope. On our way to the Hams Fork campground, I decided to go to Springs first. After that we doubled back to the campground near our way to this old one.

I parked within a 400-foot uphill walk. Probably not the greatest idea I’ve ever had, possibly even the worst. But I made it there, getting out might be another story. Spoiler, I made it.

I found the ammunition can I was looking for, and saw that someone had already signed in before me today. I wonder if our paths crossed anywhere.

All total I spent about four hours, found two geocaches, and traveled about maybe 6 miles. Those are some good statistics.

After leaving Wyoming for good, and Bridger national Forest, I made my way to Utah. I have an agenda there of some old ones, the cache across America, and a few others that might get in my way. I hope to also spend some time in the Moab area.

I made it to Clover Spring Campground early enough in the day. I’d bebopped around that whole area for several hours, finding some others and some challenge caches and a multi. I had a blast. Now it’s time to head off to Pony Boy.
The sun was starting to set as I got moving on the Pony Road. So many caches. It almost hurts to look at the map. I know what I am here for. I find the Pony Stash under light of a half moon, and a headlamp. Another 2000 found! I signed in on a few of the others that I stopped at for various reasons. Obviously, I went to the pet cemetery, and I also chose there to spend the night. Kinda cool, I know.

Sometimes I simply don’t understand this life I get to live.