Gone but not forgotten

Friday February 10,2012

BT is officially gone. He didn’t call and let me know that his flying death box didn’t crash, but I saw online that it didn’t. In honor of his memory I put together a few video compilations for him and his family. That is part of what I did with my day off today. I also got a bunch of other nonsense done that is way to boring to mention or list…laundry, dishes, caught up on work, mourned over BT’s departure, had the board tuned up, went to the market…hmmm, looks like I still mentioned them. I am probably going to take a couple-day trip away from Telluride starting tomorrow. I am going to drive up to Crested Butte for a day or two. Wife visited there a couple summers ago and wants to see what the mountain is like in the winter. The trip there is solely a scouting mission. I can find out what the drive, conditions, and mountain are like before she shows up in a couple weeks. We’ll be fully prepared in case she also wants to make the trek to Crested Butte.

Below are a couple HD video montages that I put together to salute my week with BT. Disclaimer: as usual, long and dull.

Back to the Slopes

Super Sunday February 5, 2012

Another travel day. Today I chauffeured BT from Vegas to Telluride. He rode like a Prince today. I would have let him ride in the back like a VIP but he brought too much luggage and there was no room for him. I had a great time in Vegas this weekend. Good fun and great food. BT and I had a lot of fun at the fights last night. Unfortunately I couldn’t pick a winner and the guy I was there for got robbed with what I am calling, “the worst fight decision ever no matter what my weird half Asian friends/salesmen might think even though he is wrong”.

Vegas was both fun and successful. I did lose my ass on my fight bets. I only picked 1 of the 5 I bet. Luckily that is only the second time I have lost on fight bets and the fight bets were paid for with casino money. BUT, thankfully I am the sports betting champion. I have now officially picked and bet on the past 7 or 8 Superbowl winners. Thanks to the Giants and my keen insight I made a 300% ROI on the Superbowl alone. I took them with the points, without the points, and a parley with the under. When I tally the Superbowl win and the fights losses I netted a cooooool $65 in sports book winnings. A win is a win and I keep my legendary status alive. Other than the sports bets I dominated on the table games. I left with plenty of their money. I kept looking in the rear view mirror from I-15 to see if they were shutting the lights off behind me as we drove away.

Tomorrow hopefully start our days back on the slopes. They got a little snow here the other day when the storms passed near Denver, but not a lot. The forecast isn’t too promising either. Hopefully that changes, the weather is a fickle SOB. Maybe BT has brought the winter weather west with him.

If you don’t love Nick Diaz shut off your computer

Big fight tomorrow night. I can’t wait!!


I had a fun day in Vegas, as if anything else is possible. Went to a Q and A with GSP. He is pretty boring and vanilla, but I already knew that. The weigh ins were pretty undramatic also. I made all my sports bets for the fights and the Superbowl. Have to see if I can keep my streak intact. I have won my bet on the past 6 or 7 Superbowls, pretty amazing. The best part is that I used all house money to make those bets. So far I still have all my money, and a lot of theirs. That could all change in a couple days…or minutes. We were crushing it on a dice table tonight. I had a ticket to go see the Joe Rogan Super Spectacular Comedy Show. It was so hot on the table that I didn’t leave. I assumed I would miss some or all of the show. When I left the table I went over to the House of Blues. I guess they started the show pretty late, and I sat down in my seat LITTERALLY as the show was starting. Pretty good timing all round, kind of them to wait for me.

Looking forward to the fights tomorrow. BT should be landing any minute now. UPDATE: BT’s metal tube that was hurtling through the cosmos did NOT, I repeat, NOT, plummet into fiery ruin.

Here is another picture I saw today and liked. Can you guess which one is Nick Diaz?

Officially sponsored…This is big

Wednesday February 1, 2012

Everyone knows that my family and I have been huge supporters of the Keurig® Company since the beginning. I am happy to announce that they are returning the favor. Keurig® has come onboard as an official sponsor of the Winter Carnival 2012. We are more than pleased to have them involved. The board of directors for the Carnival thanks the lovely people at Keurig® and hope this is the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship.

Now that the hard core facts have been presented, time for some daily gibberish. I think this must be my first time staying in a “true” ski in/ski out location. I have been lucky to stay in some nice locations, but this place is pretty fantastic. If I wasn’t staying on the second floor I could ride right into my room. I rode right up onto my downstairs neighbor’s patio this afternoon.

I think I am going to make today my last day here. I am scheduled to make the drive to Vegas on Friday to meet up with BT (name kept anonymous until I get a signed waiver agreeing to appear on WC12 website). I might leave a day early and have a much more leisurely drive. I had a blast on the mountain in Steamboat this week, but there is only so much riding I can do on that hard packed powder before I get wounded, frustrated, or worse. I can’t believe it is already to this portion of the trip. I never thought it would happen at all, let alone get this far!

I did get some great news from home. Wife told me she is going to finish ranked #5 in her graduating class at law school. I’m not being modest when I say I take a lot of credit for that. My plan has come together nicely. I leave for the winter, and she has plenty of time to focus on school, graduation, law review, and the bar exam. She was not as happy about her news as I was. She actually screamed “colon open parenthesis” at me when she told me the news. I could not be more proud of her. I love telling people on the gondolas about my wife back home finishing law school just because she wanted a challenge in life.