If you don’t love Nick Diaz shut off your computer

Big fight tomorrow night. I can’t wait!!


I had a fun day in Vegas, as if anything else is possible. Went to a Q and A with GSP. He is pretty boring and vanilla, but I already knew that. The weigh ins were pretty undramatic also. I made all my sports bets for the fights and the Superbowl. Have to see if I can keep my streak intact. I have won my bet on the past 6 or 7 Superbowls, pretty amazing. The best part is that I used all house money to make those bets. So far I still have all my money, and a lot of theirs. That could all change in a couple days…or minutes. We were crushing it on a dice table tonight. I had a ticket to go see the Joe Rogan Super Spectacular Comedy Show. It was so hot on the table that I didn’t leave. I assumed I would miss some or all of the show. When I left the table I went over to the House of Blues. I guess they started the show pretty late, and I sat down in my seat LITTERALLY as the show was starting. Pretty good timing all round, kind of them to wait for me.

Looking forward to the fights tomorrow. BT should be landing any minute now. UPDATE: BT’s metal tube that was hurtling through the cosmos did NOT, I repeat, NOT, plummet into fiery ruin.

Here is another picture I saw today and liked. Can you guess which one is Nick Diaz?

3 thoughts on “If you don’t love Nick Diaz shut off your computer

    • I might have a mustache by now…;-)
      That last pic is Duncan. I asked if we go do a gay pose. I think that was both of our ways of not quite committing, yet kind of wanting to do it.

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