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Super Sunday February 5, 2012

Another travel day. Today I chauffeured BT from Vegas to Telluride. He rode like a Prince today. I would have let him ride in the back like a VIP but he brought too much luggage and there was no room for him. I had a great time in Vegas this weekend. Good fun and great food. BT and I had a lot of fun at the fights last night. Unfortunately I couldn’t pick a winner and the guy I was there for got robbed with what I am calling, “the worst fight decision ever no matter what my weird half Asian friends/salesmen might think even though he is wrong”.

Vegas was both fun and successful. I did lose my ass on my fight bets. I only picked 1 of the 5 I bet. Luckily that is only the second time I have lost on fight bets and the fight bets were paid for with casino money. BUT, thankfully I am the sports betting champion. I have now officially picked and bet on the past 7 or 8 Superbowl winners. Thanks to the Giants and my keen insight I made a 300% ROI on the Superbowl alone. I took them with the points, without the points, and a parley with the under. When I tally the Superbowl win and the fights losses I netted a cooooool $65 in sports book winnings. A win is a win and I keep my legendary status alive. Other than the sports bets I dominated on the table games. I left with plenty of their money. I kept looking in the rear view mirror from I-15 to see if they were shutting the lights off behind me as we drove away.

Tomorrow hopefully start our days back on the slopes. They got a little snow here the other day when the storms passed near Denver, but not a lot. The forecast isn’t too promising either. Hopefully that changes, the weather is a fickle SOB. Maybe BT has brought the winter weather west with him.

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