Gone but not forgotten

Friday February 10,2012

BT is officially gone. He didn’t call and let me know that his flying death box didn’t crash, but I saw online that it didn’t. In honor of his memory I put together a few video compilations for him and his family. That is part of what I did with my day off today. I also got a bunch of other nonsense done that is way to boring to mention or list…laundry, dishes, caught up on work, mourned over BT’s departure, had the board tuned up, went to the market…hmmm, looks like I still mentioned them. I am probably going to take a couple-day trip away from Telluride starting tomorrow. I am going to drive up to Crested Butte for a day or two. Wife visited there a couple summers ago and wants to see what the mountain is like in the winter. The trip there is solely a scouting mission. I can find out what the drive, conditions, and mountain are like before she shows up in a couple weeks. We’ll be fully prepared in case she also wants to make the trek to Crested Butte.

Below are a couple HD video montages that I put together to salute my week with BT. Disclaimer: as usual, long and dull.

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