Snowboard geocaching, nothing better!

Combine my 2 favorite activities, and the luckiest boy in the world ends up having more fun than shooting at a barrel of monkeys. There are a few geocaches on Telluride Mountain that are meant for non-winter months. I found that to be a challenge and I accepted. At one point I waded through neck deep snow and created an actual igloo for myself searching for a dumb piece of Tupperware in the woods. I could not have had more fun. Trips over, time to go home now.

Ute park rooster My igloo

Unusual view of Telluride Ski slopes

Mountain Man JimmyI usually do not see ski slopes from this view. But once again, thanks to Geocaching, I found myself in an unusual place, with an amazing view. 600 vertical feet in ¼ mile is a tough climb!

I also saw this amazing store while wandering around town. Where were these places when I was younger! Dammit!

Grass Store

Memories of another life

It feels like 100 years ago, but was actually only 2 1/2 years ago. The Winter Carnival took over my life. I was organizing some photo albums and saw this quaint reminder of what an amazing life I am lucky enough to have. Maybe I will get back here one day, Sun Peaks in British Columbia. This looks like the kind of place you want to take a bite out of.


Oh Telluride, I will move to you one day…

Telluride Mountain VillageWe have been back for a while but have not had a second to rest, let alone look at my pictures. In hindsight I am glad I made the trip to Telluride with the group. Wifey, Ed, and Mel would have had a blast without me. I am sure that my presence increased their good times tenfold. If I am wrong, I’ll never know it. I knew I had to drive Wifey to the airport Saturday morning. The decision was to park at short-term or long-term parking. I had a plane ticket, but things were just too busy at work. The 10-day forecast was actually pretty mild compared to the previous month. I decided last minute to go west. Glad I did. It was amazing. My favorite town in the US, during the perfect week of snow. Telluride had a huge snowstorm the first day we got there and that meant fresh Colorado powder all week. It’s my second favorite kind of fresh powder, next to Telluride from aboveColumbian.

I was able to find a few geocaches around the town, on the mountain, and spent an entire day just wandering aimless through the village and mountain following my GPS machine. Nothing makes a day of rest even more fun and restful than signing geocache logs!

We had great days on the slopes, great meals everyday, and I got a bit of needed rest. Yes I know, poor me. The cold weather here at home came back as soon as I did, and work has been unreal. It’s good, what I always want, but smack in the middle sucks. Before and after I always view “busy” with rose colored glasses.

Anyway, I finally had a chance to go through our pictures and process some. Nothing over the top fantastic, but they are pictures of Telluride, how could I go wrong? Clicky HERE

Telluride panorama

See Ya Forever