Oh Telluride, I will move to you one day…

Telluride Mountain VillageWe have been back for a while but have not had a second to rest, let alone look at my pictures. In hindsight I am glad I made the trip to Telluride with the group. Wifey, Ed, and Mel would have had a blast without me. I am sure that my presence increased their good times tenfold. If I am wrong, I’ll never know it. I knew I had to drive Wifey to the airport Saturday morning. The decision was to park at short-term or long-term parking. I had a plane ticket, but things were just too busy at work. The 10-day forecast was actually pretty mild compared to the previous month. I decided last minute to go west. Glad I did. It was amazing. My favorite town in the US, during the perfect week of snow. Telluride had a huge snowstorm the first day we got there and that meant fresh Colorado powder all week. It’s my second favorite kind of fresh powder, next to Telluride from aboveColumbian.

I was able to find a few geocaches around the town, on the mountain, and spent an entire day just wandering aimless through the village and mountain following my GPS machine. Nothing makes a day of rest even more fun and restful than signing geocache logs!

We had great days on the slopes, great meals everyday, and I got a bit of needed rest. Yes I know, poor me. The cold weather here at home came back as soon as I did, and work has been unreal. It’s good, what I always want, but smack in the middle sucks. Before and after I always view “busy” with rose colored glasses.

Anyway, I finally had a chance to go through our pictures and process some. Nothing over the top fantastic, but they are pictures of Telluride, how could I go wrong? Clicky HERE

Telluride panorama

See Ya Forever

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