Tonight we met the only President who matters

Tonight on the gondola ride from Mountain Village to the valley town of Telluride the most exciting thing in the world happened. We were riding with the newly appointed President of Telluride. That’s right, the President. We had a nice chat about everything important. He told us the story of how he was just appointed the new President of Telluride and made it sound like he fell ass-backward into the position. I am sure he was being modest. Modesty is one of those traits I most value in a new best friend. I made sure he knew that meeting him was more impressive to me than meeting the President of America. I took way more joy in this acquaintance. I am pretty sure Greg Peck and I will be having dinner tomorrow to discuss the direction we both would like to see Telluride moving. I found some proof on the internets that he was not lying, CLICKY. And then I asked him to be my LinkedIn friend. Too stalkery?

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