Invasion of the Whales

Thursday. This morning started with a 6:30 am kayak tooling around the bay we spent the night in. The waters got choppy on the way back to the boat. Makes for harder work, but much more fun. It was great almost tipping over. We had life jackets, so who cares. Breakfast, then out to do some halibut fishing. Man is that Alaska-2015-07-1348-HDRboring. Drop a line and then talk to your friends. Drop a line and then talk to your friends. Drop a line and then talk to your friends. I got lucky and caught the same herring 3 times. I named him Kenny Rogers. The professor and his wife caught about 5 halibut and let them all go. They asked if we wanted one, in hind site I wish we had kept one. Wifey and I stunk. A fisherman I will never be. A casterman I am an expert. Back onboard for lunch which was very rudely interrupted by a giant pod of at least 60 humpback whales. They told us there was more likely 100 whales surrounding us. I was worried about some sort of Whale Pirate invasion. I can just picture a whale squawking out the words, “I am your captain now.” It was most impressive. They were whale tailing and blow holing nonstop. But I guess that is what they do for tourists. We stayed there at least and hour. Again whales derailed our itinerary. Bastards. Hopefully got some good pictures. After the whales they took us to a sea lion complaining zone. They were loud and obnoxious and a bunch of fat soughs. On to the next anchor point, Bothers Islands. We did a short but beautiful hike across the length of East Brother Island. This island looked enchanted. The moss was complete cover and ankle deep. It was so soft you could dive into it without getting hurt…trust me. Someone said it looked like Chia Pet island or Nerf Island. Definitely one of the more beautiful natural surroundings I have ever been in or on. Some more pictures added HERE if you are interested.Alaska-2015-07-1073-HDRAlaska-2015-07-1341-HDR

Here is a problem you don’t hear very often

First thing this morning they retrieved the shrimp pots that were set out last night. The high hopes were for fresh shrimp as a meal. They hauled in a whopping 16 shrimp. But the kids onboard had fun. Delicious breakfast then steaming ahead. The entire day was derailed because we came across a large pod of whales. It seemed like they were on a human sight seeing expedition. Watching and following us, when in reality we were just sitting still. They were first spotted pretty far away, and then proceed to get closer, I can only assume to put on a show for us. It was truly amazing. At least 8 whales could be seen at one time. There were several breaches, and lots of whale tails and blowhole action (get your mind out of the gutter). The only problem was they got too close for the lens I had on my camera. That’s truly a big problem. Dammit, the amazing whales are too close, can you guys back up so I can get a better photograph? Some of these sights were for the mental photos only. Once we got to the anchor location we set sail in a kayak. We tooled around the bay, out into the open water strait, and then looped the other side of the bay. Alaska-2015-07-1015There were a few waterfalls along the coastline that drained right into the bay that we were able to navigate right up against. We saw a ton of crazy looking starfish and a sea otter that came out to play. It rained on us the entire time, which only added to the experience of kayaking in Alaska. Finished the night with a birthday dinner for a mother and daughter from the Sweet Family Reunion. Another unforgettable day aboard the small boat Liseron. What a lucky boy I am. Some more pictures HERE if you are interested.

Whale Tail!

Whale Tail!


My first unpredictable Alaskan Adventure

Day 2 on the boat. We went for a short walk on an island to go stream fishing. We have no fishing experience, but that was ok. They set us up, showed us what to do, how to look like a fishingperson, and turned us loose. The spot was gorgeous. So serene it felt like we were in the most remote part of the world. Neither of us caught any fish. I did catch a lot of plants and some amazing photos of Eagles. They were hanging around overhead. One even ate a fish that someone in the group caught. We did not get to see that happen but saw the remnants of the dead fish body after the eagle was done it’s lunch. An eagle was on a small island in the stream watching fish. Alaska-2015-07-669Then it went up on a very low nearby tree branch. I sat and watched and shot photos for about 20 minutes. I was hoping to catch it diving for a fish. That didn’t happen, but I did get some great shots sitting still and also in flight. Back on the boat for lunch where we had fresh king salmon caught yesterday by the professor and his wife. Non-Sweet Family People.

The afternoon activity was a “meadow walk”. Wifey decided to skip that and turn me loose. It’s a good thing she did. It turned into a disaster in some people’s eyes. For me it was the highlight of the trip so far and nothing but fun. The closest thing I will ever get to an actual Alaskan adventure. I was secretly hoping they would have to air drop us some supplies and tents. It was supposed to be a nice leisurely walk around a beautiful meadow. This meadow was at the edge of the forest tree line. We got dropped off on shore by a skiff. The tides changed quickly and we were all of a sudden trudging through water looking for ways to avoid deeper water. Alaska-2015-07-738We backtracked, rerouted, and kept trying to stay dry from the ankles up. Larry, our guide, was trying to keep his guests safe and dry. It got to a point that was unavoidable. We had to wade through waste high water. I loved it, some of the other people not so much. There were 7 of us including Larry the guide. I thought we might live on this island now. I was quietly forming alliances in the background, figuring out who we would sacrifice first to the Bear God. After we took the plunge, got soaking wet all over, we were able to get back on the skiff to bring us home. What was supposed to be an hour or so of leisurely meadow walking turned into several hours of bushwhacking, wading through water, and crossing head high grass fields. I did get to eat all the salmon berries I could handle most of the walk. A treat within a treat. Some pictures HERE if you are interested.

Alaska-2015-07-559 Alaska-2015-07-650

Day 2 Going for a hike on some island, just an ordinary day

Went for a hike to sea lion cove. We anchored and took a skiff to shore. There was a maintained trail by Alaskan DNR. It was about 6 miles round trip. The destination was the other side of the island, which was the Pacific Ocean. As soon as we starting walking across the island we saw a brown bear just across the way in a small meadow. He didn’t see or care about us. The walk was beautiful through the rain forest. It was a well-maintained trail by humans, which was obvious. There were a lot of man-hours put in to making the plank walks, bridges, and stairs. Once at the Pacific Ocean it felt like the edge of the world. The next thing from where we were was Japan. Quite an enjoyable day and hike. A little strenuous at times, but well worth the payoff to see the Pacific Ocean. Some pictures HERE of bear, eagle, the Sweet Family Reunion, and scenery if you are interested.Alaska-2015-07-307


Day 1 living on a boat in Alaska

Finally after all the shake ups and changes we got on a boat named The Liseron. We gathered at the hotel and met up with the other passengers, there are 20 of us total. Most of the boat is sold to 1 family and there are 3 other couples. So my first introduction to these people is a conversation with a guy in a Trey tee shirt talking to his uncle about the Dead 50 shows that were happening at the time. I threw myself right into their conversation. I knew there was never going to be a better way to break the ice. What a perfectly kick ass start to having to meet strangers that I live with for a week. The boat is small, in comparison. The staff are all pleasant and this seems to be a fantastic alternative to our original choice of boat. We sail for a couple hours and then anchor to go kayaking or out on a skiff for sight seeing and visual animal hunting. I was surprised when Wifey chose the skiff. Whatever she wants. We saw some deer, a bunch of Eagles, and lots of other birds. The scenery is indescribable. If there was such a thing as heaven, it should be designed to look like this. After the boat tour it was time for our first sit down meal with the Sweet Family Reunion. 20 of us at a big oval table. The meal was top notch, king salmon, baked broccoli, and a rhubarb crumble for desert. After that it was sleepy time. Waking in the morning to a spectacular sunrise, coffee with a view, and awaiting threat of the world to come alive. Some pictures HERE.

is that an eagle?

is that an eagle?

Coffee with a view

Coffee with a view

Home for a week

Home for a week

Accidental day 1 in Juneau

A full day in Juneau Alaska. What could be better. We started the day with a nice breakfast and then took the tram up to the middle of mount Robert. This was our plan, the to hike back down. I was surprised wifey was into this, but she was. The plan changed and she decided to go UP the mountain. That was fine with me. She hung in there about and hour longer than I thought. We walked up the mountain, saw some amazing views that seem impossible this close to the coast line and found a couple geocaches along the way. Then we went for lunch and I walked her back to tuck her in for her afternoon nap. Once I got the go ahead to roam alone for a while it was back to the top of the mountain for me. This time I hiked the entire way to the bottom. After that I wandered the long way around town through an area called the highlands. Found a bunch more geocaches and then headed back for dinner. A dozen or more miles of intense walking, a couple of great meals, fun times with my favorite person, and finding things I would have never known about or seen thanks again to geocaching. A pretty great way to spend a day that was not supposed to happen in Juneau. 


view on the way up


this place looks fun and not at all scary


walkway to alaskan dog park


creepy weird russian religeous shit


best friends


It is unlike me to overdo anything

The great Alaskan adventure of 2015 has begun. Falling into character with myself I decided at airport baggage this is where I wanted to live now. The view from the Juneau airport was enough to make that decision. It was over cast and raining most of the afternoon and evening. We went out for a nice leisurely stroll of the town. Wifey did what chicks do and shopped. I did what I do and mentally made up adventures we will be having. We saw a couple big giant cruise ships and the rubes that were on them, and were so glad that was not us. We went and had an amazing meal of king salmon and halibut and Wifey decided that was it for her night. Since I time travelled here (slept on the plane) I was still ready to go. The sun doesn’t set so there was no reason to stop. I grabbed my camera and GPS machine and started walking uphill toward the mountains. I would imagine that only in Alaska could you have a beautiful little urban walk that turned into a wooded hike along a river, then into the woods and trail system, then back into town along the docks, all in a giant loop. My only complaint is that I brought the wrong camera lens, I didn’t realize what I would be getting into. 4 hours later and after 10pm it was time to be back home. I took a bunch of pictures, found a bunch of geocaches, met some great people including an 8 week old puppy without a name yet, and had more fun than you are supposed to have on arrival day. I didn’t find any of the legal grass shops, so the trip is still on pace for now. Thanks Baked Alaska.  

view from baggage claim


unexpected adventure


house? igloo?