Here is a problem you don’t hear very often

First thing this morning they retrieved the shrimp pots that were set out last night. The high hopes were for fresh shrimp as a meal. They hauled in a whopping 16 shrimp. But the kids onboard had fun. Delicious breakfast then steaming ahead. The entire day was derailed because we came across a large pod of whales. It seemed like they were on a human sight seeing expedition. Watching and following us, when in reality we were just sitting still. They were first spotted pretty far away, and then proceed to get closer, I can only assume to put on a show for us. It was truly amazing. At least 8 whales could be seen at one time. There were several breaches, and lots of whale tails and blowhole action (get your mind out of the gutter). The only problem was they got too close for the lens I had on my camera. That’s truly a big problem. Dammit, the amazing whales are too close, can you guys back up so I can get a better photograph? Some of these sights were for the mental photos only. Once we got to the anchor location we set sail in a kayak. We tooled around the bay, out into the open water strait, and then looped the other side of the bay. Alaska-2015-07-1015There were a few waterfalls along the coastline that drained right into the bay that we were able to navigate right up against. We saw a ton of crazy looking starfish and a sea otter that came out to play. It rained on us the entire time, which only added to the experience of kayaking in Alaska. Finished the night with a birthday dinner for a mother and daughter from the Sweet Family Reunion. Another unforgettable day aboard the small boat Liseron. What a lucky boy I am. Some more pictures HERE if you are interested.

Whale Tail!

Whale Tail!


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