Another one has begun

Here I sit, in Arusha Tanzania. Sipping coffee that was grown just over yonder, recouping after 24 hours of travel, getting free wifi in a place I never expected, and wondering what life threatening adventure wifey has in store for me. This is my first travel plan where I really have no idea what is happening and when. I know that scheduled somewhere in the next 2 weeks is an event that will lead to life insurance collection for Wifey.
It has been smooth traveling to get to this point. I have never felt safer on a plane. The plane out of Newark yesterday was over half full with Hasidic Jews. There were half hats, giant beards, curley fry hair, BO, and unflattering attire everywhere. The entire preflight orientation was spent moving Jewish men around because they can’t sit next to a strange woman. I guess it is true what they say, it is that powerful, strange is powerful enough to make you forget god. Wow, religions get dumber and dumber everyday I am alive. They spent 8 hours of the flight constantly getting up and down and simply wandering around the aisles. You might have thought this plane was a dessert.
Off to a smashing start. I hope this is the last time I have or am tempted to check for the internets.