Is this the Apocalypse? Most of me hopes it is.

For some reason on the drive in to work this morning I saw camels in Fair Hill, Maryland. I chalked it up to my usual early morning hallucinations…leftover flashbacks from a forgotten life. These visions were so vivid that I felt the urge to turn around in the middle of route 273. I looped back into the fair grounds and confirmed that what was once a mental mirage was in fact a true to life herd of camel. Is it a herd? Who cares. This is not the typical place to see camels. There were no surrounding deserts, bottled genies, sheiks, toes, jockeys, cigarette packs, or wisemen. The only thing nearby was the gorgeous Fair Hill Nature Area, everyone’s favorite place to visit, hike, and bike.

If there were ever going to be an apocalypse (please hurry), I would assume this is one of the first signs.

Camels in Fair Hill

Camels in Fair Hill

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