Yosemite, here I come!

Fear of getting eaten by a bear was always in the high-teens on the list of fun yet scary ways to die. All of a sudden it has spring boarded into the top 2. The only thing beating out “bear dinner” is a safe falling from a window of a skyscraper during a caper.

I am heading out west for a week of camping in Yosemite. I am greatly looking forward to the time away. I’ll be spending a week in the beauty with my life’s mentor (whether he knows it or not) Taper Matt. He is a pro when it comes to living in Yosemite. He has spent several months of his life there. I am simply going to follow him wherever he goes and do whatever he does. I will be like putty in his hands, and hopefully in his sleeping bag.

If I don’t make it back, please world remember me as I was…a terrible, horrible person with no emotions, hateful feelings about everything and everybody, and most importantly soul-tingling blue eyes. All that being said, I lived the best life any little boy could dream of. If I am able to continue my perfect streak of staying out of the food chain, hopefully I will return safely with some great stories, memories, and photos.

Here are a couple pictures of where I will be courtesy of Jeff Rossi:jeff-rossijeff-rossi-1

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