Sometimes a picture says 7 or 8 words

This is one of my favorite pictures of Charlie the Dog. This picture is a perfect example of the complete ineptness of things without thumbs. Yes, dogs are amazing, inspirational, and man’s best friend. Dogs do spectacular things…they have drug people out of burning buildings, they have dialed 911 when their owner had a heart attack from eating too many ding-dongs, they have rescued people that were drowning, and possibly the most impressive, dogs can lead blind people around a busy city and ensure safety while crossing streets. Truly unbelievable achievements when I think about them. Unfortunately for dogs and the entire order of natural selection, all these wonderful deeds are completely negated whenever we watch Charlie the Dog chase his own tail until dizziness forces him to collapse and look around embarrassingly.

Poor puppy

Poor puppy

Good luck to all dogs. If I prayed, I’d pray for a canine world takeover.


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