I think I met the Beastmaster

Welcome to Steamboat Springs. Today could not have started out much better. I was standing in line to purchase my lift ticket and was approached by my new best friend in the whole world, a handsome man named David. He informed me that he had a 2 for 1 coupon for lift tickets and asked if I wanted a half price lift ticket. What a wonderful man and gesture. It must have been some kind of cosmic karma connection David and I had. I hope to be able to return the favor.

It was a beautiful day out today. The sun was shining all day and the temperature got into the mid to high 30’s. Quite warm at the end of the day. They did get some snow here the other day and are expecting some in the next few days. I didn’t see a whole lot of the mountain today, I found what I liked and hung out there all day. I found some really good snow and powder as well as some great tree riding after a little hunting. I went up and down the same area around 20 times. It was delightful. I was feeling as confident and comfortable as ever, and then I got my first flesh wound of the trip. I got a little too close to a busted tree branch and it reached out and grabbed me. Luckily it’s just a flesh wound.

I saw one of the neatest things today. I am pretty sure I met the actual Beastmaster.

That’s right, this chick was feeding birds out of her hand while she was riding on the lift in front of me. Pretty cool. She either rules or is a witch.

Since it was a beautiful sunny day I snapped a few photos.

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