So long ‘Ride, until we meet again…in a few weeks

Friday January 27, 2012

Last day, for now, in Telluride. What a beautifully perfect day. It snowed all night last night and all through the morning. I think they got 10-12 inches, every little boys dream. As soon as the snow stopped at midday the sun came out in all its glory. Today was as close to a perfect day on the mountain as I could ask for. A true fresh powder day all around. There were fresh tracks to be had all day long. My hours were spent either tumbling through trees or floating on clouds. It was the kind of day you wish you could somehow share with everybody.

I had my second celebrity sighting of the trip today. I road the lift with Mark Miller, he races off road rally cars all over the world. Dakar rally racing is what he does. He claims to be famous in his world, I believed him ;-), really nice guy. He was not quite as recognizable as Avril Lavigne, but way more interesting to talk to.

Once the sun came out I decided to try to make a nice video of whizzing through the trees. I both succeeded and failed all at the same time. I had a blast buzzing through the trees but then somehow ended up where I didn’t belong. I thought I was doing OK, I was following another set of tracks. I ended up at the base of a tree line that stopped going downhill. I knew I was in trouble when the other set of tracks vanished. When I realized I definitely had to unstrap and walk out is when the real trouble began. When I took a step and sunk in up to my knees is when I comprehended this might take a while. Then I took my next step and sunk up to my armpits…yep, my armpits. I ended up having to “body surf” to safety on top of my board. I crawled probably over 100 yards laying on my board using only my knees to skooch. Obviously I made it back to safety. It was definitely a trip. As I sat for a few minutes catching my breath I watched 2 other snowboarders come crawling out of the same tree line. Turns out they were following me through the trees. That’ll teach them, silly New Yorkers. The whole thing is caught on video. I’m not sure if it will be released or not do to The Embarrassment Act of 2012.

I am out of here tomorrow and off to Steamboat Springs. It will be hard to leave these plush accommodations, but I can hope that tomorrow’s location will do its best to compete. I can’t wait to be back in ‘Ride in a few weeks, I love this town!

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