How can it be called “The News”?!?

I never have been a person to watch The News. Not for any ethical or protesting reasons, it simply never interested me. Whenever The News is on in the background and I have been exposed by accident, it is nothing but sensationalized horrors and tragedies. I can’t get onboard with caring about what is happening half the world away, watching tragedies be exploited for ratings and advertising, or care that politics is still the most boring, ineffectual topic on the planet.

What I do enjoy about The News is when they royally screw up and it makes it to the light of the world. All they do is rush to be the first to report something, get the scoop, hey look at me we do news the best! (I really hope I am the first person to write about this on a never-read blog)

Thanks to my sexy friend Bradford, this News clip was brought to my attention. It is definitely my favorite of recent News screw-ups. News readers are simply that, they are not reporters. They don’t even have a brain of their own, they read from the screen without  an independent thought of their own. Please watch the below video, enjoy yourself, and have a nice chuckle at the expense of idiots, obviously not the tragedy.

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