Yosemite pictures added

I finally found some time to go through the almost 1500 pictures I took in Yosemite. Sadly they were not all winners, but the ones that were worth taking the time to process and put effort in to making better stood out quickly. It was an amazing week camping and hiking with Taper Matt, his family, and a couple of his long time friends. They accepted me in as a friend, treated and took care of me like family, then discarded me like a poop covered wet wipe. I’ll never forget this week. I have plenty more to write, but my time is very limited lately. It seems like all I want is to be busy, except when I am busy. All I want is free time except when I have free time…not too much of that lately. Photo gallery HERE or at the picture below.

Yosemite Mirror Lake

Yosemite Mirror Lake

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