Remembering Fair Hill and Living in a pre-Sandy World

I spent almost the entire day last Saturday biking in fair hill. I was there in the morning and out until I almost ran out of sun. It was the last day to do much of anything because of Hurricane Sandy Pants. It was probably also the last, and best day to be out leaf peeping. Beautiful fall foliage everywhere that would be destroyed with the upcoming storm. It was the first time I rode with my new fanny pack camera bag, worked out perfectly. Strapped around my back I hardly knew it was there. I made an album of some of the better shots HERE. I rode almost 20 miles on the trails and surrounding roads. I was able to clean up most of the geocaches in Fair Hill that had eluded me earlier in the summer, which was fun.

I was joined for part of my day by the notorious head of the Finazzo Family, Eddie. We had a blast. He was still getting used to his new bike shoes, I’m sure he will come to love them in time, we all do. Eddie made for a great camera subject most of the day. He was constantly doing thrilling things, like falling down. He was gracious enough to allow me to shot him with high-speed photos. He was determined to climb a hill that I have not seen anyone able to climb. I don’t want to ruin the ending or say whether he made it or not, but I did put together this quick time lapse video of his attempts. I think the video turned out just fantastic, considering it was made with all still photos.

Between the amazingness of GPS, an app on my phone, and Google maps, there is a way to export my entire ride into Google maps for viewing. I think that is pretty freaking neat. Check it here. Wonder if this link will work in 10 years from now.


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