What’s the deal with airplane peanuts?

I went into a diner for breakfast this morning in Tacoma. I found it on yelp, so thanks again yelp. It was called Little Jerry’s, and I had no idea what it was before I walked in. the restaurant is about 6 four top tables. It is entirely Seinfeld themed. I mean entirely. Everything on the walls, the menu, the reading material, the names of the dishes, even every coffee mug was different but all with a Seinfeld theme. I loved it. I was the only person in there eating, so I got to talking to the people working, which were a husband and wife. Turns out they just opened up the joint about a month ago. It was a great American dream story. The husband had the brainchild idea for the restaurant, they put in the legwork and effort, and not it is open. They said they are doing well and have a lot of regulars. That is all any business can ask for right now. The two of them could not have been more pleasant and lovely to chat with. Happening into this diner was exactly the type of experiences I set out to have during this trip. If I had a facebook I’d like them. But what is really important is that I like them in person. If I am every in Tacoma again this place will be my first stop. All the best to them. Oh yeah, the food was dynamite!!!

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  1. Little Jerry’s Co-Owner and Official Quality Taste Tester here . . . We’re so glad you liked the place!! We really enjoyed talking to you about Winter Carnival. I put a link to your website up on our facebook page and on my personal facebook. I also told my sister about it, this is the sort of thing she loves to do! Again, it was awesome talking with you, good luck and safe travels on the rest of your journey! We hope to see you again!

    Tara V.

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