Today’s motto: “Follow me, I have no idea where I’m going”

Thursday March 1, 2012

Happy March. Today we went to The Canyons Mountain. It was kick ass, to quote someone intelligent. Bradford had the greatest first gondola ride up this morning. Today was his lucky day, and I predicted it. I took a couple really bad face plants throughout the day. There is video somewhere to prove it. Lucky for all the fresh snow or I might have damaged this pretty face. Almost every run was through fresh untouched mounds of powder. We probably saw about 80% of the mountain in one day, and were able to make fresh tracks almost everywhere.

We rode in something called the orange bubble lift. It is the only lift I have ever seen with a bubble top and heated seats. Sounds like something Chevy should have made. Apparently it is a great place to “hot box” according to the local stoners. I wouldn’t know, I don’t condone such activities.

Sometimes we get so lost that dinner is not even an option.

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