Do the kids still say “epic fail”?

Friday March 2, 2012

Oh man. Today was possibly the first, but definitely biggest failure day of the winter. I got up extra early today so had time alone to catch up on some things, do a little personal introspection, and make a plan for the day. That plan included leaving early, getting breakfast on the road, driving to Snowbird near SLC, doing damage to the mountain, driving back to Park City, grabbing a pizza from Maxwell’s, and settling in to watch the live fights at 7pm. The fights were great and we ate frozen pizza and wings. Other than that I blew it today.

Once Bradford got out of bed I informed him of my grand plan for the day. We got into the car and set sail. Once we got to the SLC vicinity, but still not too close to the mountain, we ran into major traffic. We still have no idea what caused the traffic. We sat still for close to an hour, not getting anywhere, and still not very close to the mountain. After that long of a time, we turned around. Once getting back to the crib it was a lazy day of doing nothing. The only productive thing I did was to finally make an appreciation, compilation, and tribute video for JO’s Carnival appearance.

Tomorrow is a travel day. I dump Bradford at the airport first thing in the morning. From there I travel back to Montrose, Colorado to another airport to meet and pick up Wife. The drive and two flights are timed out close to perfect, almost like it was planned this way. I can’t wait to see Wife. It has been almost 2 months and I miss my little family so.

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