Thanks Whistler

Friday March 23, 2012

Today I only rode 3 lifts before I started to go downhill. Holy crap what a giant place. The weather today would be called perfect by some. The sun was out the entire day and there was no wind at all. I was on the mountain today from pillar to post. I heard something today I haven’t heard in a while, “this will be your last ride up sir.”

I have interacted with a couple hundred people since I have been here, and I bet I could count the Americans on one hand. Almost every other country I could name is represented, but not a lot of Americans. Everyone speaks English though, that is really convenient for me. I am sure they took me into consideration.

Today is probably my last day here in Whistler. My room reservation runs out tomorrow and I have spent three full days on the mountain. Even after three full days I bet the percentage of these mountains I saw was low double digits at best, flabbergasting. It seems like today must start the weekend here at Whistler. It was quite crowded at a couple of the lift lines. Luckily, lonesome me can fly right through in the singles line. As many people as there were, I still sat in the woods for about a half an hour today and did not see another single living creature. That is just how giant this place is, that and not a lot of idiots dive into the woods on the edge of a cliff. Since it is about time to start making my way back east I think I will head toward what is known as the interior of Canada. East of where I am now, the coast, there are a bunch of other ski mountains in British Columbia. I keep hearing the same 3 or 4 names over and over again. They are all in a line, due east of here. Seems like it would make sense to pass through each of them if possible.

Thank you Whistler for having me. I will definitely keep you in mind if I am every lucky enough to take another winter ski vacation.

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