Even Canada has up beat on the exchange rate?

Thursday March 22, 2012

Well, there is definitely no more thinking when someone asks what my favorite mountain is. I have gotten that question a lot and up until this point and I have always had a meandering answer of, “gee, I love Telluride, but blah blah is awesome”. I have a definitive answer for my favorite mountain, Whistler Blackcomb. It’s probably the kind of thing that I will just blurt out at really awkward times whenever I hear someone say the word favorite. I’ll just scream “Whistler!” in their face for no reason. That being said, Telluride is still my favorite town.

The amount of area there is to ride here between to two mountains seems ungraspable. There is no need to take any breaks during the day. The rides on the gondolalas and lifts are plenty of a break. The sun was out for the first half of the day so I finally got some pictures that are worth a crap. I hope they translate the magnificence. After midday the clouds came back, wind picked up a bit, and the snow started falling. Winter may be over at home, but it is still winter someplace. While the wind was down today I was able to ride the “Peak 2 Peak” gondolala they have. It might be the most impressive and scary ride ever. It is one of the greatest human-built marvels I have ever seen. It travels between the peaks of the two mountains on nothing more than cables. Most lifts or rides have a lot of poles or towers for support. These cable cars just dangle over the valley between the two mountains. The only support towers are near the peaks of either mountain. It only becomes frightening if you actually think about it for more than a minute. I say just get on and go for the ride, it is a dazzling ride.

I still can’t believe that the exchange rate for the Canadian dollar has mine beat. Wife is heading to Mexico soon, I hope she makes out better than I am. It is going to be like I’m in the attic and she is in the basement. Maybe if we yell really loud we can hear each other.

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