Telluride has created a hostile environment

Thursday March 8, 2012

Today was another lovely day on Telluride Mountain. The weather turned around from yesterday’s debacle. The wind went away and the sun came out again. If there is not going to be fresh snow, today’s conditions are a distant second best. We headed up the gondolala first thing this morning and spent the day cruising on the groomed trails and the terrain parks. I got some adorable video of Wifey doing her version of tree skiing. She got some embarrassing video of me thinking I had confidence in the terrain parks. A nice chatty local took a bunch of pictures of us.

Tomorrow is sadly our last day together in Colorado. I was hoping to stretch this visit out for another 30 or 40 years. We will probably head to the mountain again tomorrow. That will make 6 days in a row for us. That is quite impressive for her. I know this is the first time she has made it out every single day of a ski trip. I also don’t think I have gone 6 straight days this winter. Right now we are both laying here very very injured. I somehow hurt my shoulder and she was attacked by a hostile Thai iced tea.

If I can’t talk her out of flying away tomorrow night, I will be dropping her at the Montrose airport around 7pm. From there I think I will start trekking to the Tahoe area. I was scheduled to be there next week. They did get some nice weather last week, but the warmer weather has come back and there is no more snow in the extended forecast. If nothing else Tahoe is a good place to rest for a couple days after the extended run that Wife has put me through. It is also a nice layover area for the longer journey up to BC. As of now I am thinking that will be the final stop to put the exclamation point on this winter.

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