10″ brings so many things to mind these days

Wednesday March 7, 2012

It’s snowing its ass off here in Telluride right now, and this is the view from my window as I type. Yep, that’s the main gondolala. So far it has been a great week with Wifey. We started the week strong with a full day on the mountain at Telluride on Sunday. We decided to definitely take our newly instated annual trip to Crested Butte. We spent just over half the day Monday on Telluride Mountain. The weather was again very warm and sunny. Just after midday was the time to get off the mountain in case anything was going to get sloppy. We got packed up for an overnight trip to Crusted Butt(e) and set sail on highway 50. It was just over a three-hour drive. The weather was perfect for driving and we made it all the way there in the daylight.

We got a nice and cheap room in town for the 1 night. We wandered around the mountain village for a little while and had a horrible meal. Then in typical Sellers’ fashion we retired to bed just before sundown in preparation of a big day on a new mountain.

We got up, had a giant mountain breakfast, and made our way to the nonexistent lift line first thing in the morning. It was another non-winter day and the forecast at Crested Butte Mountain was for sunscreen and tee shirts. It was beautiful. We had a great time. Wifey loved being there in the winter and I loved being able to be a small part of bringing her there. She looks better on skis than I have ever seen. Her confidence level and demonstration of skills were higher than I remember. We both had an amazing time in the fabulous spring like weather. She was constantly reminding me that she hiked almost to the peak of the mountain, which was WAY higher than where any of the lifts were taking my lazy-only-going-downhill-after-a-free-ride-uphill ass. We stayed on the mountain until about 2pm, grabbed a fantastic lunch where we saw an impressive sign, and then hit the road back to Telluride.

The drive back was close to dusk and sunset so we were able to see a lot of the wild mountain animals that you don’t see in the mornings and daylight. We were only able to stop once to take pictures of these meese, or elks, or carabooze, or whatever they are. They were staring right at us as I took the pictures, and I’m pretty sure I heard the one say, “Holy crap, look at those humans in their natural habitat.” Which is fine because Wife said, “I”ll have that one medium rare.”

We got back to our temporary Colorado home just in time to have some pizza, mosey around a bit, do a little work, and fall into a coma for the evening.

Today we got a bit of a late start and an early finish. After the recent spring like weather today was a real disaster. The wind was howling all last night. The wind combined with the warmer weather and melt off created a complete ice over today. All the overnight grooming seemed for nothing. The conditions were icy and “crunchy”, and the temperatures dropped back to winter like today. Definitely not our most fun day on the mountain. We hung in there until about 1pm and then called it a day. Since then it has been a nice relaxing afternoon. I’m catching up on nonsense (including Hillside), and Wifey is resting.

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  1. It was well AFTER sundown that we went to bed, and I had to keep reminding you we hiked that mountain cuz you didn’t believe me, called me a liar, jerkstore 🙂

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