I fought daylight savings time and won

Sunday March 11, 2012

The best way to combat the bullshit idea of daylight savings was for me to hurry up and get into California. That way I get my hour back no matter how badly those ancient farmers want to take it away from me. And what do I care if kids have to walk to school in the dark? They have cell phones for a flashlight these days. I didn’t have to change any clocks. Jimmy one, daylight savings zero. Now I just have to figure out how to help combat man versus nature in the autumn.

Other than completely dominating over the laws of nature, today was fairly boring. I caught up on the sleep I lacked from the previous two days. After that I spent the majority of the day catching up on work and personal drivel. I think I got all the months reporting done and mailed out today. I’ll realize if I forgot anything once it’s too late.

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