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Tuesday March 13, 2012

Yep, the title is about all I have to show from my past couple days. I have been quite the lazy sac of monkey turds lately. The past couple days have been spent working and recouping the body. I just can’t keep up with Wifey these days. The age difference is really starting to show. Maybe a trophy wife wasn’t the brightest idea…no, it was. There is supposed to be a big storm coming through the Tahoe area starting nowish. It has been trying to snow most of the day. The forecasts I have been reading keep promising a huge dumping. I think it is hopefully about to arrive.

I just got back from driving into town to pick up a nice pizza pie and pint of ice cream for myself. The semis heading westbound were all pulled over putting on their chains. The traffic heading eastbound (and down) coming out of the legendary Donner Pass were all COVERED in snow. I am going to hold out hope that these were good signs of bad weather. I have been lounging around this area waiting on promised weather. I am growing both antsy and also too comfortable with my laze. If the weather when I wake up tomorrow does not allow for a fun day on the mountain I am going to pack up and head north. What a spoiled ass I have become. There is plenty of great riding to be had, but I am holding out for the perfect storm.

I found yet a couple more reasons why this part of the country is great and makes the right coast look like the sea-level losers we are. First, they do things like this. A competition for dogs? If the Sellers kinfolk lived out here I know we would have a winner in the family. While I was waiting on my pie tonight I was perusing the local free paper. This is where I saw the advert beckoning Charlie Dog, as well as possibly the greatest title to a news article ever. The article was about the abysmal winter they have had here in Tahoe titled, “Survival, Optimism, and a Dash of Shitty”. It is a heart breakingly wonderful article.

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