Snakes on a Plane? Sissies

Thursday February 16, 2012

Well, today is my last day in Telluride, for now. I’ll be back in a few weeks. For a last day here it was really an embarrassing day for The Carnival, a blemish on our record. I hit the mountain just after first thing this morning. It was another beautiful blue skies day. There is a trail here called See Forever, you really can see forever from the top. I came back to my place at noon to finish off last night’s leftover delicious pasta. After consumption I fell asleep on the couch until 4pm. Yikes. It was both a complete waste of time and the absolute best way to spend some days.

I am leaving here tomorrow. I’ve been staying in this same place for 2 weeks so I am pretty spread out and moved in. Not looking forward to packing. When I leave I’ll be driving to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It should be about a half-day drive from here. Since there are still really no snowstorms to chase I picked this semi out of the way place that I have never heard of. There is a mountain nearby called Wolf Creek. I have never heard of it, but locals rave about it. The mountain claims to get the most snow in Colorado every year. They aren’t getting any right now, but hopefully it’s a nice place to visit and a new sticker to buy. I’ll be there until Monday when I leave for Denver to pick up JO.

Speaking of running away to join The Carnival, I received a weird email today. It was from Orbitz. I was so excited that I might have been chosen to be a part of some new experimental flavors gun focus group. Not the case. It was apparently a flight itinerary for Bradford. It claimed that he was flying into Salt Lake City in a couple weeks. I sure hope that is the case. I also hope he spent the money to buy the insurance…wink, wink.

Starting on Monday I’ll have company for the next 3 weeks straight. JO, Bradford, and Wifey. Without a question three of my favorite people on the planet. Actually, now that I think about it, they probably compose the majority of people I can even stand.

I got an email today from Father-in-Law. I had no idea he was keeping track, hopefully I have been writing on my best behavior. He informed me of an enormous snowstorm blowing through Texas. The photos he sent were fairly impressive, for Texas.

I saw something rare today that made me laugh and enjoy other human beings for a change. It can only be described as Sharks on a Mountain. Someone built a scene from Jaws right below your feet at the top of a lift where you get off. I tried to get some pics and vid, hopefully they translate the scene and the creativity.[imagebrowser id=3]

I also put together another tree riding video. It’s as boring as the others, unless you are me. This one does contain some pretty nice crashes.

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