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Wednesday February 15, 2012

Today was one of those amazing, nothing but blue skies atop Telluride Mountain. Weather was beautiful and the wind was calm at its strongest. They got the same snowstorm here that I was in Crested Butte for. So there was still a lot of soft snow to be found. The very end of the day it started snowing, but I don’t think it is going to accumulate to anything.

I spent my entire day either in the trees, on a lift, or eating chili. I set out today to do something different, try to get to areas that I either have not been to, or not spent a lot of time. It worked out great. I found a couple great tree spots that I hadn’t found before. BT would have loved it! I got onto a trail today that he and I rode the other day. It was a narrow one leading to the very bottom and ending in the town. There was a turn off that I missed the other day and I remember saying to BT, “I wish we had stayed on this trail.” Well, I stayed on it today. I got completely lost within the mountain. I ended up getting dumped at the base of the mountain almost outside of the town. I had to walk about a half a mile back to the town and the main gondola. It was quite an experience.

I rode a lift today with a nice old man from Switzerland. He lives in Arizona now and also has a house here. He said a few very important things to me today. One was that the school systems here are great. Gathering this type of information is part of my reconnaissance mission during The Carnival. The other fun fact was that the European Alps have incredible skiing and he was all in favor of the Chevy Chase formula, which would equate to European Winter Carnival 2013.

Since I’m talking about the school system here, I also road a lift today with the local high school lacrosse coach. When I told him I was from Maryland he immediately brought up lacrosse. I told him I played in high school and filled him in on my unbreakable LAX record (first ever goal for the Caravel LAX team). He was telling me how the team was new, I think this was going to be their second year. Now that I have gotten in front of a computer and looked the team up, checked out their stats, and seen that they went 0-14 and got shut out several times, I now understand why this coach was trying to recruit my unborn child.

I also met this cute guy today.

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