It’s beginning to look a lot like…….

Carnival time…what did you actually expect it to say here? Of course Christmas is also just around the corner. As everyone already knows, there is no happier and joyous time of the year for me, which is why I was bestowed the nickname Christmas Jimmy. Most people know that I celebrate a much lesser observed holiday known as Winter Carnival. Christmas Jimmy is simply a nickname of convenience for others. Regardless, it is a time of year for celebration, joy, avoidance of family, festivity, and gluttony. My office is decorated with all the festive ornaments that symbolize Winter Carnival. There is a baby jesus in his manger sitting on one of my desks. Next to him is a paper clip holder. Across the desk from there is a yamaka that I use to keep the lid safely on top of my cigar jar humidor. I also have a picture of my dead dog and some granola bars. It is fairly obvious that this season really brings out the best in everyone, especially me.

Happy Winter Carnival to all!

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