Accidental day 1 in Juneau

A full day in Juneau Alaska. What could be better. We started the day with a nice breakfast and then took the tram up to the middle of mount Robert. This was our plan, the to hike back down. I was surprised wifey was into this, but she was. The plan changed and she decided to go UP the mountain. That was fine with me. She hung in there about and hour longer than I thought. We walked up the mountain, saw some amazing views that seem impossible this close to the coast line and found a couple geocaches along the way. Then we went for lunch and I walked her back to tuck her in for her afternoon nap. Once I got the go ahead to roam alone for a while it was back to the top of the mountain for me. This time I hiked the entire way to the bottom. After that I wandered the long way around town through an area called the highlands. Found a bunch more geocaches and then headed back for dinner. A dozen or more miles of intense walking, a couple of great meals, fun times with my favorite person, and finding things I would have never known about or seen thanks again to geocaching. A pretty great way to spend a day that was not supposed to happen in Juneau. 


view on the way up


this place looks fun and not at all scary


walkway to alaskan dog park


creepy weird russian religeous shit


best friends


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