Transition Day on Orcas Island

Today was the morning we had to get out of our home on the cliff. We could not get into our next place until 4ish, so we were homeless for a while. We did what any good homeless couple would do, got in our rental car, drove to the State Park, and wandered around in the woods. That’s right, not much indoor stuff to do here, except sleep. It appears that half of the population here also sleeps outside too, but I can’t quite get wifey onboard with that. We said goodbye to all the critters that lived in the bushes and trees, then made our way back to Moran State Park early this morning. We decided to do one of the medium length hiking loops, around Mountain Lake. It was recommended to us by a pack of lesbians the other day, so we thought that hike HAD to be good. We hiked around the gorgeous lake, took some pics, climbed some trees, and chatted like a couple on a first date…basically making fun off our loser friends back home. Most of my favorite activities.
After the hike we made our way back into town for some lunch. After lunch we ran into a lady from Vancouver with a Bernese Mountain Dog. It almost made me miss home. Hi Charlie, if you are reading this.




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