Relaxing on vacation is not ‘Merican

Yesterday was quite an adventurous day. Wifey decided to take the day off and relax. She claims that relaxing is part of being on vacation. I claim that is Bravo Sierra. I can relax at work if I need, like the rest of ‘Merica. So I had the entire morning and afternoon to run amuck on my own. I decided to go for the big hike here, to the peak of Mt Constitution. We had already been to the peak to enjoy the view, but that was by way of car, via 6 miles of switchback mountain roads. I made it up and down safely using the loop. I stopped for pictures all along the way and met some great people during the day. At the end, including a few side trips, it was about 9 miles.
Little Summit:20140710-084901-31741485.jpgThe first couple miles were almost straight uphill, using an old path created for telephone poles/line back when you used to have to crank it. After that it was gradually uphill, and the downhill was quite steep.
View along the ridge walk:20140710-084902-31742324.jpg
Safely down and packed up I headed back for dinner. After dinner we decided to head BACK to the park for an after dinner stroll. the sun stays out until at least 10pm, and is back up around 5am. So we went and did a stroll around Cascade Lake. I fell into the water trying to show off, that made Wifey laugh. Making her laugh is most of what I live for, so it was more than worth the wet foot, sock, shoe, leg, and pants. Chalk up another 4.5 miles for the day by the time I got to bed. Wonder what today has in store for me? Hopefully whatever it is, it starts with french toast.

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