Slacktivism at it’s finest

I had plans to go for a nice hike on Sunday with my pals Josh and Cinnamon (still not a peeler). The general consensus was that Charlie the Dog should come, after all it was 2014-06-22-Free-Charlie-Sunday-5hiking, climbing mountains, not going to be too hot, maybe we should bring him. Wifey had put her foot down that Charlie’s season was over. I could not do much to argue that fact…but decided to argue anyway. We were going to be in the woods, in the shade, he could get in the water anytime he wanted, the weather was going to be cool for the end of June. I had excuse after excuse, but I don’t think Wifey was budging, justifiably so. The most amazing thing happened, the Internet became aware of the situation and people from all around the globe 2014-06-22-Free-Charlie-Sunday-2united in support of Charlie the Dog. It was amazing, the response was overwhelming. So much so that Wifey had to buckle under the pressure of all the eyes around the world tuned in to her decision. She both has all my respect for allowing Charlie out to play, and none of my respect for crumbling like a stale cracker (meant in both the snack treat and racist way).

It goes without saying that we had a great time, found a handful of geocaches, laughed, did some shirtless wrestling and tackling, and almost died of dehydration. To sum up, another amazing day to be alive and be me. HERE are a few pictures from the hiking trip and the Slacktivism campaign that took over the world this weekend.


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