What is better than the ThanXXXgiving holiday?

I call it that because I eat dinner with my pants off. My favorite holiday when nobody is prattling on about their god of choice, or when some supposed magical man was born, died, or came back to life as a zombie. It is the holiday I get to cook one of my favorite meals, and the only day each year I get to use my Sonic Blade. This meal is the only meal where each of the side dishes are screaming to be combined with one other. I guess the roots of this holiday are a little horrific, but if the nutty religious zealots are able to look past their history’s horrors and celebrate, I can do the same.

I spend this day with ¾ of my chosen little family. We relax, go for walks, watch movies, cook, eat, and repeat. We are in a resort town that transforms into an abandoned ghost town when it gets cold. Nobody around, we have the place all to ourselves.

ThanXXXgiving 2013

ThanXXXgiving 2013

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