Goodbye to the greatest place I have ever visited. Hello rest of my life

Day 21 Londolozi – South Africa day 7
Robbie has split for his time off and another gentleman woke us up with coffee for our last day here. This place treats you great all the way up until the end. Most places just kick you out on the last day of your stay. Londolozi took us on a game drive still this morning even though we depart this afternoon. Wifey went to bed last night not feeling too well. We are pretty sure she had a case of six-hour malaria. At least that is what the internets told her. The sunrise this morning was again marvelous. The sky in the background turns into the most beautiful pinks and baby blues. It looks like cotton candy hanging at the carnival. Last Night during dinner Kirsty told us about the zebra and gnu migrations that happen north of South Africa. I think we may have seen the beginning of the migration. Zebras were by far the animal we saw the most of today and gnus not far behind. Big herds of both animals running, I mean walking together. We saw a rhino mommy and her baby. This was the first baby rhino we saw. He was not too sure about us. He kept acting tough, as if he was going to charge us. Then we got to see him run. My word, that was adorable. Every animal baby runs the same, awkward and wobbly. At least baby animals can walk. Baby humans are useless for at least 5 years, some for 20 or more.
After we were done setting the baby rhino into a tough guy tizzy the radio went off saying a leopard and her cub were spotted somewhere. Eckson and Jules tried to track them for a bit, but found the tracks and estimated where they had left the property. Tough luck for us, no baby leopards this trip. After a bit more driving around we ran into a couple groups of warthogs. We did not see too many of these guys, but today finally got a nice close up view.
Then it was time for coffee break. Jules picked a nice place that we were able to watch zebras come and drink from a pond while also watching giraffes eat from the tops of trees in the background behind the zebras. Today we also finally saw a baby giraffe. It was smaller, but still giant and looked just as goofy. It looked just as goofy as an adult giraffe that was far away. After coffee break we saw a giant family of hyenas, a couple mothers and a few baby hyenas. I would not have thought they would be so cute. I have come to the conclusion that all baby animals are disgustingly adorable except human babies. Human babies simply looked very undercooked and needy.
Wifey and I truly felt we were on an unplanned second honeymoon at Londolozi. We decided this would have to be the greatest place for a honeymoon. I would recommend it to any young couple, right after I recommended reconsidering marriage. Neither of us could believe how hard it was to say goodbye. I know I say this a lot but this was unquestionably the greatest experience of my life. I have been lucky enough to do some amazing things. This trip to Africa for safari springboards into the top spot of memories, without exception.
After the morning drive we got cleaned up and packed up. After that they gave us a farewell breakfast and Kirsty chatted with us until it was time to go back to the landing strip. Jules drove us over and we said our goodbyes. He does this everyday, or at least a couple times a week, but this Tsonga Shangaan man has no idea the impact he just had on two peoples lives.
We were the first stop in the airplane shuttle route, with one other stop after us at Mala Mala…booo on them. We boarded the plane with the photographer that flew into Londolozi on the same incoming flight. After the stop at Mala Mala it was on to JNB.
We arrived about a half hour before we could check in and turn over our luggage. We waited around and then checked in, we still had a few hours before our flight took off. The one thing I was not able to do was grab a geocache in Africa. There were none anywhere near Londolozi. There are a few in the Kruger Park, but we never entered the park property. There are plenty near JNB. I ended up dropping thirty dollars for a cab ride to the closest geocache and back to the airport. I think it was money well spent. It was four kilos away, too far too walk back and forth and ultimately in a not so great looking neighborhood. So I did find that one geocache in JNB and can add that to the list of things done on the continent of Africa.
We arrived back to the airport to wait for take off of our 16-hour flight. Wow. Nothing else could happen until after Wifey does some shopping, of course.
I am on the plane now with about four hours left in the flight. I watched a movie and slept so far. Airplanes are basically time traveling when you can sleep. Now I am home and the entire thing feels like a dream I might have had once, or maybe it was a movie I saw the previews for…I don’t know anymore what is real and what is imaginary.

A select few pictures here.

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