Oh Canada, I stand on guard for thee

Sunday March 25, 2012

Today started by waking up in one of the quaintest little villages I have seen yet. It felt like waking up in a gingerbread village, much of it looked edible. I had breakfast, packed up, checked out, and went straight to the Sun Peaks Mountain. It was about a 100-yard, excuse me, I mean meter, walk. It was an oddly laid out mountain. The ski areas ran up both sides of the village. Usually it is just one side of a mountain. Because of this layout there were a lot of places that you might have to walk across a street to get back to a lift. Nothing far, but it was unique. For a weekend the place was nowhere near crowded. I think I road almost every lift alone and without a wait. It is apparent that spring is in the air. There has been no fresh snow for about a week and the skies were clear and blue as the Mexican coral reefs. It got quite warm in the afternoon. The lower area of the mountains turned to slushy in typical spring skiing fashion. I decided to split about 2pm and get on the road to where I was going. I made it safely, only about 200 miles, without the assistance of GPS, and all in daylight. I am now in the town of Revelstoke. I will be staying here for a couple days. I need to get some rest, I have a big couple days ahead of me.

The mountain today had some pretty fun trail names. I took a couple pictures that will make a few people laugh when I get home and show them.

I’m not stupid enough to think I am having a midlife crisis. I am smart enough to know that I am well past the middle of my life.

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