Coast to Coast

Saturday March 31, 2012

Well, it is just about over. I have now also seen both of North America’s oceans in the same trip.

West Coast:                                                               East Coast:

Somewhere shortly after I crossed into the state of PA (the only state you can simply call by it’s 2 letter initials), I had to take a leak. After a few minutes of driving through the “mountains” (ha-ha) I found a rest area. At the rest area I saw a sign that was quite disturbing. Between this sign, paying tolls for using roads, and the too heavy, sea level air, I knew I wasn’t out west anymore.

I just bookended the trip nicely with injuries. The very first day and the very last day of the trip I took really bad, painful falls. On the first day I slammed my head on the ski slope and actually broke my helmet. I had to buy a new helmet. Today, the last day, I just slipped and fell in the kitchen on the slippery tile. I have apparently hurt my elbow pretty badly. Of course I didn’t get to see the fall, but I know for a fact it looked just like the crazy cartoon falls that I see on TV. Both feet went out from underneath me, straight out into the air, and straight down on my ass. Ouch. Now I am typing one handed with ice on my elbow. More than anything I wish there was at least someone here to have seen it, what a waste.

Soon I will be reunited with Wifey and two puppies. I am very excited.

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