Vail old friend, nice to see you again

Wednesday February 22, 2012

Today we made the adventurous drive to Vail Mountain. It was a good thing we did. We just heard that the conditions here at Breck were treacherous. Bitter cold and 85 MPH wind gusts, some lifts didn’t open until 1pm. Vail was gorgeous. Sunny in the morning, some snow flurries midday and hardly any wind. It’s amazing that we were only about 30 miles away.

It was marvelous to see Vail in all its glory today. The last time I was there it had hardly snowed. Large parts of the mountain were not even open. Everything was open today, and they had 10-12 inches of snow overnight last night! Today was JO’s first time actually riding through fresh, soft, untouched, cloudlike powder. He loved it and agrees with me that it is a completely different and better activity. Today was also his first time really getting into some tree skiing. He used the phrase “crushing it”, but I don’t necessarily approve of that vernacular.

For some reason today after being almost 2 months in, I had some terrible pains in my feet. It almost felt like blisters in both feet. You know, that annoyingly painful blistery feeling like when you were a kid and went to the roller rink and used rental skates. Ouchies. I think I must have had my boots laced up wrong, or had them on the wrong feet, because they feel much better now.

I must be getting soft in my old age. I saw a group of knee-high squirts on skis called the Mogul Mice. I didn’t even have the urge to push them down. Can photographic evidence get you arrested?

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