JO’s leaving, I’m alone again. There must be a JO’ing alone joke in here somewhere…

Friday February 24, 2012

Today was the last day of what I like to call the I-70 voyage featuring JO. We did one last day at Breckenridge Mountain. The skies were beautiful blue all day, and the wind was howling about half the time. We had a blast, ran ourselves ragged from peak to peak. I found myself having to chase him through the trees today. Apparently he found his calling amongst the trees of the Rockies. The other day he wasn’t too into trees, today he dove in, unprovoked. We finished up around 3:30 and headed over for the best tacos I’ve ever had. After the tacos we headed back to the Cruiser in preparation for the drive to Denver. Thanks to the amazing tacos, JO cut a gasser that ended up stinking up the entire mountain village, what a shame. We made the drive to the Denver airport and checked into the Holiday Inn. I’m pretty sure I can do heart surgery tomorrow.

Had another Carnival Cruiser incident. The other day a rock flew up and put a nice ding in the windshield. It’s probably one that could be ignored, but also something that could turn into a problem. Luckily the newest Carnival sponsor, Safelite, will be repairing it at 8am tomorrow morning, courtesy of Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance. Thank you Easter Bunny, quack quack.

JO gets on a plane tomorrow at 7am to return to his regularly scheduled life. I have Saturday to kill visiting my new friends at Safelite and catching up on work. Sunday at 7pm I have to pick up Bradford at the Salt Lake City airplane depot. We will have to see if he/she signs the consent forms to have his/her identity and likeness represented on the internets. Probably not, nobody else so far has wanted to.

Whole bunch of pictures added from this week. I hope to get some video editing done soon.

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