I can’t believe The Carnival has to end

Much to my chagrin there is nothing but nonsense going on at my house. If I would have known things like this were going to happen I never would have left. Looks like I may have to end The Carnival early, get home, and attend to my duties as man of the house. Thanks Ben & Jerry’s.

5 thoughts on “I can’t believe The Carnival has to end

  1. hahahahahahahahahahah. that is fantastic. that made it too bookface too. said jimmys version of the video is much funnier than mine. i cant stop watching it.

  2. Definitely time for you to come home. The refrigerator is broken. It has not refreshed the supply of coffee creamer or milk in days. Do you know what’s wrong? Is there a reset button or something?

    • haha. it’s nice to know that i am needed for some things 😉
      i don’t know if there is a reset button, try asking someone at the market, they can probably help you fix the fridge. weird that you bring it up because the underwear drawers here are acting up too.

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